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Coolest Castle Birthday Cake 444

by Kinza

Homemade  Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Castle Birthday Cake

I wanted to make a Castle Birthday Cake for my daughter's birthday as it had a princess theme. This is the first time I tried it out. It took me about half a day to bake all the cake layers. I baked 2 large rectangular layers and 2 round 9 inch layers and stacked them up. I made the towers by getting ideas from this site. I used cake cones and sugar cones and coated them with candy melts and then rolled the sugar cones in dark pink coloured course sugar which I made at home to give the sparkly effect.

I put chocolate fudge in the middle of the cake layers and then I covered the cake with light pink coloured Wilton whipped vanilla icing which tasted great! Then I decorated with royal icing flowers which I purchased from a baking specialty store. I put 3 cone wafers as the door and then decorated with various tips. Then I put small doll figures of a princess and prince on top which I already had.

Finally I sprinkled edible silvery pink shimmer all over the cake. Everyone loved the cake and couldn't believe it was home made! I had so much fun making it but it took a lot of time and effort.

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Coolest Castle Cake 232

by Helen J.
(Springfield, KY)

Homemade Castle cake

Homemade Castle cake

I made this castle cake for a 1st birthday party where the birthday girl was the "princess". The cake base is a two layer 1/4 sheet, half sour cream white and half chocolate. The small top layer is a 6-inch round white cake. I filled and covered the cakes with pink buttercream.

After the buttercream crusted, I used an impression mat to create the look of a brick wall. The towers had been made earlier by "gluing" together two ice cream cones bottoms. The towers were covered with white chocolate. The turrets were sugar cones also covered in white chocolate and rolled in pink sugar. I piped royal icing vines on the towers.

The other decorations-the doors, top of the castle walls and the tops of the towers-were all rolled fondant which were cut to shape. I did use an impression mat to make the doors appear to be of wood. I trimmed a little away from the corner of the cakes so the towers would fit correctly, and I anchored them with toothpicks I ran at an angle through the towers.

The rocks around the towers were chocolate-covered rock candy set in royal icing to help support the towers.

I finished with piping buttercream vines on the castle walls.

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Very nice
by: msity p

This is a very cool cake - the ice cream cones are amazing! I just LOVE this site. Very nice job.

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Coolest Castle Birthday Cake 456

by Kiona
(Newfoundland, Canada)

This Castle Birthday Cake is the cake I made for my daughter's 1st birthday. I got the idea from some of the pics I saw on this sight, but most were made using a square pan. I used a 2 store bought cake mixes and made according to directions a few days before I actually decorated it. I used a round flat bunt pan for the bottom and used a small cooking pot for the top. I used a homemade buttercream icing (recipe came from a site somewhere as well) to frost the entire cake. Liquid food coloring was used to create the colors.

The towers were made with ice cream cones first spread with icing then rolled in purple and pink (mixed together) sugar crystals for the bottom cones and the points of the top cones were rolled in star candies. I then piped the green to look like grass and ivy on the towers, the edges of the cake and cones and to create doors and windows.

This cake was a great hit at the party, everyone loved it. The total prep time was about 6 hrs, including the baking of the cakes.

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