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Princess Castle Cake

by Mj Schaffner
(Mount Carroll, IL)

For my older sister's 18th birthday I made her a princess castle, since she's always loved princesses.

I used a 10 X 2 round cake pan to make a double layer cake (french vanilla). The frosting is just regular store bought vanilla icing. I used Wilton rose coloring to make it pink. I used about 5 cups frosting. Once I frosted the cake, I made the door, windows, and outlined the bottom and top of the cake with a star tip icing tool.

The castle towers are regular ice cream cones, and sugar cones. For the tallest tower, fill the ice cream cone with frosting, and place the sugar cone upside down on top of it. For the other 4 towers, cut the base off of the cone. Place the sugar cones upside down, on top of the top part of the ice cream cone. Where the cones connect, used frosting to make stars around the cones. Place the tallest tower, in the center of the cake. Place the other 4 cones around the center cone, leaving space on the front for candles. Where the cake and cone towers meet, make stars around the cones. At the top of each tower, make a star on top of the sugar cone.

The candies are pink and white sixlets. Outline the door, bottom, and top edges of cake with sixlets. Also place one in between each window.

My sister loved her cake, and others did too.

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Princess Castle Cake 165

by Mary
(Charleston, SC)

Princess Castle Cake

Princess Castle Cake

My great niece wanted a cake with "all the princesses", so a castle was the logical solution. I got the Polly Pocket decorations on eBay.

This cake took a while but it turned out great!! The bottom tier is 3 nine inch square chocolate cakes; the middle layer is 3 smaller round spice cakes, and the top layer was made in a big muffin pan. I baked all the cakes and assembled (using wood rods to keep things stable) and frosted the bottom 2 tiers, and made and chilled the turrets and tower two days before the party.

The four side turrets are 8 ice cream cones that I filled with spice cake and baked, then put together with skewers, then cut zigags out of the top of each turret with an exacto knife, then brushed on melted "candy melts". I also used the candy melts for the top tower which is an unfilled sugar cone.

I was not happy with the results of the coating - I couldn't get it on smoothly, and it was a weird off white color - so I just covered the turrets with tons of rose vines and the tower with icing stars. (Next time I would try some other method for sure!!)

There is a pink paper triangular flag on a toothpick on top of the tower that says "Happy Birthday...". Everyone loved the cake, and both kids and adults fought over eating the cake-filled turrets!!

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Castle Cake
by: Robin

Great cake! I just made the princess castle cake from Wilton for my daughter's 4th birthday this past Saturday and added all of her Polly Pocket princesses to it!

I also live in Charleston, we must be on the same wave length!

princess cake
by: Anonymous

just wanted to know how you baked the turrets without making them soggy....... we tried to make cupcakes like this once before and they turned out soggy. just wondering... the cake is to cute!

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