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Coolest Castle Cake 180

by Melissa

Castle Cake

Castle Cake

My daughter wanted a castle cake for her birthday party that had an Enchanted theme. We looked on line at this web site to get a few ideas and we put them together and came up with our own creation.

I used 2 cakes mixes and made a 9x13 cake and I made the other cake in a loaf pan. I used butter cream frosting to frost the whole cake. I put the loaf pan size on top of the bigger cake and trimmed the corners. We iced the whole cake pink.

We dipped sugar cones into melted white chocolate and then rolled them in colored sugar and let them dry on wax paper. After they dried, we "glued" them upside down to the top of a cake cone to make turrets. I put the turrets on the cake and iced the bottom of them.

We then used our cake tips to make flowers and vines on the turrets. I bought the little Giselle doll at a store and placed her on top of the cake. My daughter and all the little girls at the party loved it!

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Wowee! Awesome Pink Castle
by: Aunt Melanie

I had never seen your birthday cake, Olivia! It is so pretty and so very pink! I love pink, and I think your mommy is pretty talented to come up with such a great idea for a castle cake! It is fun to see!

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Coolest Castle Cake 184

by Rachael
(Basingstoke, UK)

Castle Cake on a Hill

Castle Cake on a Hill

I got the idea of a Castle Cake out of a book. This is my first time at making a birthday cake like this, normally make cakes with butter icing piped on, I started early in the morning and by 8 o'clock in the evening it had all gone wrong so I cut it up and we had a cup of tea and a slice of cake before bed.

I then got up at 6.30am and started again wow, it was hard making all the little stones and pieces of grass which I made by using a icing nozzle (number 30 I think). As for icing, I just used fondant icing as I was running out of time to look into what else to use.

It was a long process but managed it at just gone midnight, especially as it was my daughter's birthday the next day. I was very proud and nearly cried when we had to cut it. Since then I have made another one and done it in half the time.

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Coolest Castle Cake 179

by Sarah Duran
(Hot Springs, AR)

Disney Princess Castle Cake

Disney Princess Castle Cake

This Castle cake was such a fun cake! It is a Pillsbury Funfetti cake. The bottom is a half sheet, and the two "towers" are another half sheet, cut into squares and stacked on each other.

First I iced the base half sheet, then separately iced the two square layers and placed them one at a time on the cake.

I then added the cake kit I bought on eBay. The picture that came with it looked really hard, so I simplified it a bit. I first piped a pink border around the bottom layer. Then I piped a purple border around the two top layers. Then I just added some green leaves around the cake. Piped Emily's name on the side and "Voila!"

Every little Princess's dream cake! Even the boys though it was "cool".

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by: Anonymous

are the paper towers filled with anything? i am trying to make one for my daughter's party this weekend. i bought the set used so i didn't get any directions, so i am trying to figure it out on my own.

ISO this disney castle kit
by: Randi

I'm looking for the castle kit. if you or anyone has one for sale, please contact me.


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Coolest Castle Cake 178

by Amber Harding
(Okotoks, Alberta)

Castle Cake

Castle Cake

My daughter wanted a Belle cake and I didn't want to try to draw Belle, so I decided to attempt a castle cake.

I baked two 9x13 cakes, one for the second layer and one cut for the third layer. The first layer is actually the cake pan iced over! I thought 3 cakes was too much for the number of guests, it worked great!

I bought the Beauty and the Beast mini doll set (Polly Pocket sized: about $10.00 at Walmart) and used the figurines to add detail to the cake. The towers are iced and glittered ice cream cones and the railing is yogurt covered pretzels.

The cake was a huge hit, but I do recommend doweling. It was tipping badly by the time we cut into it!

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by: Linda

I've looked at a ton of castle cakes.. and this one really stands out to me! It's so gorgeous! I love how you used the yogurt covered pretzels as the railing - I never would have thought of it! It looks like I've found the PERFECT cake that has inspired me! thank you!

Definitely Feminine
by: Little Miss Muffet

I have looked at dozens of castle cakes and this one suits me the best as it seems so easy. I am going to try for my granddaughters 6th Birthday tomorrow. I am going to use small jam roles for the turrets with a straw down the middle because as you said your turrets are beginning to fall over-thanks for this idea. The pretzels covered in yogurt what a great idea that so makes the cake so feminine. You are an ideas lady which is great for others who aren't. Thanks Melbourne Australia

I'm going to copy off you
by: Anonymous

You big cheater - ha ha. I LOVE the idea of simply icing the pan. Your pretzels look like a real iron railing - but prettier. The only thing wrong with this cake is that I wasn't clever enough to think of the details myself. Thank you for posting it here.

Great castle!
by: Anonymous

Hi. Your castle cake looks great. Used similar ideas to make a castle cake for a 1st birthday party. Used white chocolate instead of yogurt for the pretzels, which worked out fine although it didnt come as white as i thought it would. Thanx for posting your castle ideas,it was genius.

Love It
by: Pam

I love the idea using the pretzels for the railing and the vines creeping up the turrets, it really added the finishing touches. This is a beautiful cake. Thank you for posting it.

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