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Disney Princesses Castle Cake 166

by Ashley Rae
(Salt Lake City, UT)

Disney Princesses Castle Cake

Disney Princesses Castle Cake

For my daughter's 4th birthday, she wanted a princess cake. I decided to attempt a castle for the princesses. Before making it, I did a google image search for "castle cake" and I implemented a few ideas I got from the different pictures of cakes I saw on there, and also ones from this website.

I used a 12x18 cake pan and a 9" round (I should have used both of the rounds for the middle part to make it taller, but I let my daughter "frost" the 2nd 9" round, so it was un-usable), and then I cut the 12x18 cake into a 12x12 square.

The pillars are 4 regular ice cream cones upright, then 4 sugar cones upside down, covered in marshmallow fondant (I made the fondant 2 nights before). I used buttercream icing for the cake/vines/flowers/grass. I used fondant for the pink ribbon around the circle, the door/bridge/windows, the pillars and also for the water.

The white decorative thingies I made with royal icing and silver dragees a few nights prior to making the cake (if you do this, make PLENTY of extra ones because they're very fragile).

The princesses were ones my daughter already had. She was happy to help put them on the castle.

This took me well over 8 hours, so I'm glad I planned it in advance. It didn't turn out quite as well as I had wanted, but hey- it's my first fancy cake, and it was still the hit of the party. Oh - and my daughter loved it, which is the most important part!

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Too cute
by: Anonymous

This is adorbale, great job!

Awesome Job
by: Anonymous

I really hope my castle cake turns out half as good, we'll see...

by: Andrea

I don't even have a daughter and think this is super sweet. Great job!

by: Anonymous

I have been searching all over the internet for ideas for my daughters birthday cake, and i finally found a cake that i just fell in love with!

how many
by: Anonymous

Anyone know how many this feeds??

by: Anonymous

I only wish you lived where I live and were available for hire. My granddaughter turns 3 next week and she would love this cake.....

by: Anonymous

Where did you find the miniature princesses?

by: stefania

beautiful, how much did the disney cake cost to make?

by: Penny

My Twin Daughters would go GaGa over this cake. I LaLaLaLa Love it too! I am so happy to have come across this picture before their party.

by: Anonymous

You can go on they have the 7 princess's on sale.

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Coolest Dora Castle Cake 448

by Rebecca
(Victoria, Australia)

Homemade Dora Castle Cake

Homemade Dora Castle Cake

My daughter wanted a Dora princess cake for her 4th birthday (we had already had a Dora birthday in previous years so I had to be more creative!), so this Dora Castle Cake is what I came up with (a Dora doll cake and a castle cake).

I used a Dolly Varden tin and baked a butter cake for the doll, then used a Dora doll from my daughter's collection (the snow princess dolls fit this size). I iced her in buttercream then put a layer of yellow premade icing over the top for her skirt. I decorated her skirt with icing flowers purchased at the supermarket, very convenient! I dressed the doll up top in purple cellophane to complete her.

The castle is simply pre purchased jam rolls made into turrets with skewers securing them upright on top of each other. They are iced with purple buttercream and topped with mini marshmallows and 4 candles. The piece on the top is a snowglobe type thing that we had at home that fit perfectly :) The final accents (the door and castle wall on top) on the castle are made of purple premade icing.

I joined the cakes together as a scene by creating a path out of spearmint leaves, musk sticks and the leftover yellow flowers from the supermarket flower packet mentioned earlier, and other characters from the show.

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