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Cat & Kittens Cake

by Robin Schaum
(Chicago, IL)

I made this cake for my daughter's first birthday and I got the instructions from Woman's Day magazine at
I used 3 family-size frozen pound cakes and cut the pieces out according to the directions on the website. I found it easiest to put each cat on it's own foil-covered foam sheet so that they were easier to move. Slide cut-up wax paper around the edges of the cats first so that the frosting only gets on the paper and you can pull it out later.

I used regular icing to glue all the pieces together and do an initial crumb-coating; then I let everything set-up in the fridge for about an hour to harden. I then dyed the frosting different colors for the fur using the Wilton icing gel dyes. I made the kittens all different colors to look like the cats we have so that my daughter could recognize each one.

For the cats' ears I used Starburst candies that I rolled out and cut into triangles. For their eyes I used mini M&M's for the kittens and regular M&M's for the cat. For the kittens' noses I used jellybeans cut in half widthwise, and for the cat's nose I cut the jellybean lengthwise. The mouths are pull-apart licorice strings, which I also used for the yarn balls. The other kittens are holding gum balls and swedish fish. The mother cat also has a large bow on her neck made out of a wide, thin sour candy strip that I toothpicked in place. I found all of the candy at a bulk candy store where you can buy individual pieces of candy from the bins.

This was a very time-consuming cake, but fairly easy to make, and great if you don't like baking but you do like decorating. My daughter absolutely loved it, and the pound cake was delicious.

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