I made this cake from scratch for my daughter?s 2nd birthday. She has been a Mickey Mouse fan from the time she was a baby so I decided to make this cake for her. Since this was the 1st time that I was making this cake I looked up this site for some ideas. I drew the Mickey Mouse face on a butter paper to fit the size of my cake tin so that when the cake was made I could easily cut the shape of the face. I baked a chocolate sponge cake since my children are very fond of chocolate. I used the simple sponge cake recipe and used cocoa powder to get the chocolate cake. Once the cake was baked I allowed it to cool so that it could be iced. On cooling I 1st sliced the cake in two so as to create layers and also trimmed of the uneven ends. I then cut the cake in the shape of the Mickey Mouse face. Then I let the cake cool in the fridge so that icing would be easier. For the icing I used Foster Clarke?s Dream whip since I wanted it to be like a fresh cream cake. For the layers I used the whipped cream with vanilla essence. After this I mixed a little bit of drinking chocolate powder for the tan color of the face. I applied this icing for the entire cake, even the sides. Once this was done I added the details to the face. For the eyes I used the plain whipped cream for the white portion and prepared a dark chocolate icing for the pupils. The same chocolate icing was used for the ears, the sides of the face, nose and mouth. For the tongue I mixed a little of the Rose red food color to the white whipped cream. I was quite impressed with the way the cake turned out. My little daughter was very excited and everyone at home too liked the cake a lot.