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Homemade Christmas Scene Cake

by Priya S
(Nairobi, Kenya)

I dont know what to call my cake because its very simple compared to all the crafted and amazing cakes everyone comes up with.

I love what I come up with and I want to share it on this site with the impression that it will help someone who has never made a cake or decorated one. My cakes are not moulded or crafted but drawn and filled.

I hope it will help.

I made this cake for my daughters christmas party at school. Since they were taught all about chritmas this year, i thought of putting everything linked to chritmas on the cake to make it interesting for all her classmates to look at and recognise everything on it. I couldnt put snowman and father chritamas on it becuase of no enough space but tried to include all little things.

I made a cake in a flower cake pan. I iced it with buttercream icing and froze it so the the icing gets alittle hard. then I smoothened it with kitchen paper towel. With a toothpick I drew on it and filled it up with star nozel. I have drawn stockings with presents, a bell, a ball, reindeer's face, candy and a christmas tree.

And there it is!

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Coolest Christmas Scene Design 22

by Steve C.
(Hull, England)

Homemade Christmas Scene Design

Homemade Christmas Scene Design

Homemade Christmas Scene Design
Homemade Christmas Scene Design

This Homemade Christmas Scene Design is the first ever cake scene sugarpaste models I have ever made. The ladies at work, set a challenge of bringing something in to eat for a Christmas buffet so I decided I would make a Christmas scene.

The cake on the right is a normal Christmas fruitcake, fed with brandy, covered in marzipan then covered with fondant.

The round cake to the left was Madeira sponge with strawberry jam filling covered in vanilla flavoured buttercream and white fondant.

The large snowman at the back was built from sponge with vanilla buttercream covered in white fondant with fondant hat etc. I made sufficient sugarpaste figure for everyone in the office. They were Penguins, snowmen, reindeer, fir trees, polar bear and a santa with a bag of parcels.

After talking with a local cake maker, I discovered that the penguins could be made far easier. I used white fondant with a black jacket and she advised black with white front which was far easier. The ice was melted Glacier mints.

The office was amazed with the result and I was pleased it was so well received so much so I started making more.

Keep an eye out for my future creations.

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Coolest Christmas Presents Cake 48

by Jennifer F.
(Parma, Ohio)

Homemade Christmas Presents Cake

Homemade Christmas Presents Cake

This Christmas Presents Cake is a stack of Wrapped Cakes made to look like the real thing! The bottom tier is white cake with white fondant and a silver dusted bow. I used vodka to apply the silver dusting, it helps it to stick to the fondant and then evaporates leaving just the silver dust behind! and its edible.

The second tier is chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and green fondant and a red bow. I made the red bow out of red fondant. Each loop is made separately and then they are stacked together to make the finished bow. There is also holly and poinsettia flowers I created out of gum paste.

The top layer is red velvet cake with buttercream filling covered in red fondant and quilted pattern covers the cake and silver beads at each junction of the quilt. I used a neat new tool that you can press into the fondant to create the quilt pattern and the beads are edible candies.

This cake is fun and really isn't difficult to recreate. Use your imagination! I used wooden dowels to hold the weight of each tier.

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Beautiful Christmas Cake
by: Vickie L

Absolutely gorgeous! You're very creative!

I love it!
by: Anonymous

This cake is absolutely beautiful! It inspires me to try to use fondant - I may have to try it (maybe with just one layer to start).

absolutely stunning
by: Anonymous


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