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Coolest Christmas Cottage Cake 14

Homemade Christmas Cottage Cake

Homemade Christmas Cottage Cake

My siblings and I remember fondly a cake that my mom made when we were little with the Wilton house pan for a Christmas party at our house so this year, I recreated a Christmas cottage cake with a few changes.

I baked a small sheet cake (I didn't want a HUGE cake because it didn't need to feed too many people), and then the Wilton house pan, both using pound cake. All icing was the Wilton buttercream recipe and I just used it without coloring for the snow, leaving space for the path to be set down.

I iced the spot for the house, added that cake and then refrigerated to "glue" the cakes together. I used a smaller star tip for the house sides, iced it flat for the door, found half-sized Twizzlers at a gas station that were the perfect size!

The roof is just tinted icing piped on using a large star tip to give it texture and then Twizzlers added. I used gum drops around the outer edge as a fence, Xmas colored M&Ms as the path and doorknob.

The finishing touch were the 3 Christmas tree cookies that I stole from a cookie bouquet we received at work from Cookies by Design, but I can see icing your own sugar cookies and either making trees or gingerbread people. I sifted powdered sugar over the whole thing for a dusting of snow.

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Coolest Christmas Ornaments 5

by Melanie
(Virginia Beach)

Homemade Christmas Ornaments Cake

Homemade Christmas Ornaments Cake

I knew that I would bake everyone's Christmas presents this year to save money. I knew they would be cupcakes or individual cakes, but I had no clue what design until I stared searching on the internet and found several versions of Christmas ornament cupcakes. I was going to do rum cakes, but decided kahlua chocolate cakes added a bit more uniqueness to my concept.

In shopping around for cupcake boxes I came across the Wilton round mini cakes pan. I baked my cakes. Iced each individual cake with buttercream icing and connected two halves to make full circle ball shapes. Covered each ball with fondant. Brushed pearl dust on each ornament, then made individual designs on each.

On some I piped on royal icing and brushed on more pearl dust after slightly dried. Others, I mixed different shades of pearl dust with lemon extract to make paint then hand-painted designs on the cakes.

For the hook part of the ornament, I formed fondant and painted with the silver dust paint mixture and let dry over night. I then attached the hook with a dab of buttercream. I let the entire ornament cake dry 24 hours before packaging.

Time consuming, but definitely worth the looks on everyone's faces when they opened them up. They were definitely a hit, no one wanted to eat them because they were so beautiful.

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by: Julie

I love your talent. They really are beautiful and you've inspired me to try them. I guess you have to be a patient person to take the time on something like this.

What did you put these in?
by: Anonymous

This is a great idea. I am definitely going to steal this for my Christmas present idea this year. It looked like you put the cupcakes in a plastic ornament tray when you were finished did you find that these were too flimsy? Before I start, I want to be sure I can find something to put them in. Where can I get empty plastic ornament trays like this?

Christmas Ornament Cupcakes
by: Anonymous

I have seen some people put the ornaments surrounded by tissue paper like a fragile glass ornament. I love this idea and am doing it also this Christmas!

Cake Oranaments
by: Chinny

This Christmas cake ornaments are wonderful.

by: Gina Greenway

These are gorgeous! I've never worked with fondant, but you've inspired me to try.

Sparkling with christmas spirit!
by: Anonymous

I believe this is one of the easiest out of the 20+ recipes that I've looked at so far. I knew I wanted to do something different for my holiday party this year and you just gave me my solution!!!

You inspired me
by: Rhonda

Hi i am a person who when something catches my eye i have to do it ,THESE really caught my eye ,Just really started playing with fondant and i love it .I have already made the balls,But i could not find a round pan so molded tinfoil over a small ball and used the mold to make them,Hope i can find the pan tho.So tomorrow i will be giving these a shot your directions are very helpful thanks for a great idea for the holidays

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Coolest Christmas Cake 9

by Adriana
(Pennsylvania, USA)

Homemade Christmas Cake

Homemade Christmas Cake

A friend went to a store and bought a standing teddy bear cake pan and asked me to make this Christmas cake for her kids.

I made one chocolate cake and one yellow cake and put them together with some icing (it works as "glue" to keep the two cakes together). I got some fondant, food color, MMs and chocolate icing.
I mixed a little bit of the fondant with black food color and the rest with red: With the red fondant I made the little shirt and the the sleeves and put on the cake following the shape of it and trimming with a knife and I made a little triangle for the hat. The belt was made with black fondant.

I got some chocolate icing and started working with my finger to make it look like a teddy bear fur. You can make the eyes with white icing or white fondant and brown MMs.

The kids loved it!

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