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Coolest Christmas Cake 18

by Jenny H.
(Keighley, UK)

Homemade Christmas Cake

Homemade Christmas Cake

I make cakes as a hobby so at Xmas i wanted to do some thing a little bit special. The whole Christmas Cake is homemade from scratch. The Xmas tree is 3D rounded and stands 16" high, covered in forest green homemade icing fondant then hand picked with a cocktail stick to make it appear more life like.

Then different coloured balls of icing were covered in coloured sugar to give it a sparkley effect. The star at the top was cut out of white fondant, decorated with silver sugar balls then a small candle was put behind it to light up. The base of the plate was covered with white icing then extra bits to give a more uneven lifelike effect.

The 2 small bears were made from Xmas cake then rounded and sculptured and covered with grey fondant icing and again picked with cocktail stick to give a fur like affect, then dressed with elf like clothing made from icing. The sca was made from a small piece of Xmas cake covered then filled with handmade candy canes and gifts.

The large bear was made in the same way but on a bigger scale and the beard was made from small balls of white fondant icing. The snowman and the hill he sits on were both made from Xmas cake rounded and sculptued the covered with fondant icing.

The whole thing was then sprinkled with icing sugar, edible snowflakes and edible glitter. The whole thing from start to finish, from scratch (making homemade Xmas cake, no packet mixes) took 8 hours.

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What we think
by: Night patrol

Think this cake is brilliant. What a talent this girl has. Pure brilliance.

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Coolest Christmas Cupcakes 6

by Georgie

Homemade Christmas Cupcakes

Homemade Christmas Cupcakes

I made these Christmas Cupcakes for work because I had to work Christmas day so I thought we needed some cheer.

They are gingerbread cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I divided the frosting into thirds and coloured 1/3 green and 1/3 red (and a touch of black) with gel colouring and frosted the cupcakes.

The penguins were scorched almonds covered and decorated with fondant. The snowmen were made from two Maltesers, covered and decorated with fondant. The gingerbread men, stars and snowflakes were all cut with patchwork cutters and cookie cutters. I used a small amount of luster dust and silver cashews to decorate were appropriate.

I was really happy with how they turned out and although I am always nervous about sharing my creations with friends the were snapped up straight away, I was even ask where I bought them from.

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Great Cupcakes!
by: Pam

Awesome Cupcakes! You really got creative with the figurines on top, super cute. I might steal your idea for my holiday work party next year.

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Coolest Christmas Gingerbread House Cake 24

by Amanda S.
(Oak Grove, KY)

Homemade Christmas Gingerbread House Cake

Homemade Christmas Gingerbread House Cake

Homemade Christmas Gingerbread House Cake
Homemade Christmas Gingerbread House Cake

I made this Gingerbread house cake for the Cub Scouts. It is not gingerbread at all. It is all cake that I carved out in the shape of house then put graham crackers on it.

The trees are ice cream cones with butter cream frosting on top. I sprinkled powdered sugar over everything when I was done to give it the "snow" look.

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Coolest Christmas Ornaments Cake 3

by Cakes by Caro
(Midland, On)

Christmas Ball Ornaments

Christmas Ball Ornaments

I love this cake! I made the Christmas ornament balls from rice krispie squares. I made all of the pine needles from gum paste, rolling it out very thinly and then chopping it with a knife, then spreading them out to dry.

I then piped the branches with royal icing and stuck the needles in, one by one.

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Ornament cake
by: Gina

I can't tell you how much I love this cake!! So creative and so beautiful!!

Very fine work
by: Lena, Kuching Malaysia

I like your work, very details, neat and fine. Thanks for sharing.

Recipe Request
by: Tina

I love this cake! Can you give me the recipe. I would love to make it for my family.

Thank you so much!

Please can I have this recipe
by: Jenni

It is simple ...but, outstanding. A fabulous example of how using rice krispie treats and ingenuity can create a work of art!

Cute Idea
by: Kay

Love your cake never would have thought to make the ornaments with rice krispies.

Teach me
by: Chinny

I need to know this cake recipe need to make to make it for my family for this Christmas.

by: Anonymous

this is so cool. I am looking for recipes and this is the best cake by far. Have a great Christmas to all. Wondering how to do those ornaments they look so real!!!!!

Super Cute!!
by: Anonymous

This cake is super cute! Thanks for sharing!

10 Stars for sure
by: C. Welch

Looks too beautiful to cut. This is by far the prettiest cake I've seen. Thanks.

Too cool!
by: Lilacs

I love your cake and would love the recipe you used. Great work!!

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Coolest Christmas Birthday Cake 25

by Yanna

Homemade Christmas Birthday Cake

Homemade Christmas Birthday Cake

I made this Christmas birthday cake for the son of a friend of mine. It was his 1st birthday the second day of Christmas so I chose a Christmas scene. It was a chocolate cake with chocolate cream inside and whipped cream icing.

All the decoration is made with sugar paste and the trees are royal icing.

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