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Coolest Cinderella Carriage Cake 4

by Sara G.
(Louisville, CO)

Homemade Cinderella Carriage Cake

Homemade Cinderella Carriage Cake

My neighbor was having a princess party for her 5th birthday. She loves Cinderella so decided that she would like me to make a Cinderella Carriage Cake.

I made the cake by joining 2 (box) cakes baked in my pampered chef glass jug. They took a lot longer to bake than I anticipated. Once the cakes started looking cooked, I kept testing them with a skewer until it came out clean. I left the cakes to cool throughout, then carved the pumpkin lines with a bread knife and leveled the tops and bottoms of the cakes with the cakes balanced on each other.

Blue is the little girl's favorite color so we made the marshmallow fondant(MMF) the palest of blues with a blue door. (The recipe for marshmallow fondant was found on Google). Once I had covered the main cake I placed it on the blue satin. The nameplate on the door is also MMF and I sprinkled gold luster dust around the edge of the nameplate and the letter. I attached this by moistening it a little bit.

I used a flower shape fondant cutter to make the top of the coach and folded it around a toothpick. I moistened that and sprinkled gold luster dust. I used the base of the toothpick to attach it. The window is black MMF.

The wheels are made with piped white candy melts sprinkled with pearl luster dust.

Finally, I covered pretzels with some light blue fondant and placed them to act as a harness for the little pony. I was going to mold a pony but it proved too difficult. Placing the pretzels was one of the most difficult things and I would probably use something thinner if I made it a second time.

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Cinderella carriage
by: MeMe2

Absolutely as cute as can be. Thanks for all of the good instructions. I must try to make one. lol from MeMe2

# of servings
by: Anat

Congratulations on a beautiful cake!
Do you remember how many servings this cake was?

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Coolest Cinderella Cake Design 67

by Katie
(New Hampshire)

Homemade Cinderella Cake Design

Homemade Cinderella Cake Design

I made this Cinderella Cake Design for my daughter's 4th birthday party. I found the figurines at the Disney Store and thought they would be perfect as cake decorations. I used the Wilton's oval cake pane set (excluding the second to biggest) to make 3 cakes. I covered each oval cake with white fondant and stacked the cakes toward the back of each other so that there was plenty of room for the Cinderella characters.

I cut the carpet from red fondant and carefully placed it down the front of the "staircase". For the topper, I found a plastic glass slipper at my local cake decorating store (for $.59) and I made the pillow that it rests on by arranging 9 big marshmallows in a square. I covered the marshmallow square with blue fondant and made the twisted trim by twisting together 2 really thin strings of yellow and blue fondant.

I made the tassels on the corners with yellow fondant. I arranged the characters and secured them to the cake by putting a small amount of buttercream on the bottom of each. I added red, blue and purple roses and a bead border where the cakes meet each other.

My daughter LOVED her cake and I thought it was neat to have a princess cake that was something other than the classic pastel pinks and purples!

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