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Coolest Cinderella Birthday Cake 50

by Kasey

Homemade Cinderella Birthday Cake

Homemade Cinderella Birthday Cake

I used a 2 quart oven safe bowl and used one whole box of store bought cake mix for this Cinderella birthday cake. Then I used two 8'" pans for the base, also one whole box of cake mix. I had to cut the 8" pans to match with the bowl size. It was easier for me to use the bowl than to worry about shaping the dress at the top.

I cooked the bowl for 50 minutes. I used 2 large cans of frosting and mixed them together until I got the color I wanted. I used the end of a paper towel hole to measure the hole for the doll as I used a whole doll and not one that has no legs. I did not have any fancy tool to measure the hole for me and it worked fine.

I did put all baked cakes in the freezer for 30 minutes before I put it together and once I got the first coat of frosting on I put the whole thing in the fridge for an hour before I put the last layer of frosting on. I wrapped the dolls legs in saran wrap so that it wouldn't get dirty.

I used flower shaped sprinkles to add shape around the waist and put sprinkles in the middle of that. I found a doll that came with accessories and I put that by the cake (Gus Gus). I used a star tip with the frosting to put the candles in. I did not want to put the candles in the doll and it worked great.

The girls at the party loved the cake and it was a big hit.

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Coolest Cinderella Birthday Cake 59

by Jennifer M.
(Ocala, Florida, USA)

Homemade Cinderella Birthday Cake

Homemade Cinderella Birthday Cake

I have gotten into making fondant cakes. I love to be creative and just to be able to make something really neat and say that I was the one who did it.

My husband has been very supportive of my cakes that I have made, so he got me my first paying job. His friend's daughter was celebrating her birthday and they wanted a Cinderella Birthday Cake.

First I went to several stores looking for the perfect Barbie. It had to have an updo like Cinderella had. I finally found her.

Then I made the Wilton Skirt Cake. I made the fondant top, puff sleeves, neck collar and headband with earrings and then put the Barbie doll in the cake. Afterwards, I started decorating the skirt. I brushed it with a wet brush and used blue sparkle glitter all over the dress. Then I made a 12" round cake and decorated the bottom half with white fondant and then tie-dyed the other fondant blue and white.

I frosted over the seam and then placed the Barbie on top. I frosted on her sides of the dress and around the bottom of the dress to cover that seam. I then took a large marshmallow and wet it down slightly and then rolled it in sprinkles. I then used leftover fondant, made a bow and attached it to the top of the marshmallow to make it look like Cinderella Barbie was bringing her a present.

Last of all, I had piped the Happy Birthday note.

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by: Anonymous

did you take the legs off the barbie or just push her down in there

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