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Coolest Cinderella Cake 39

by Melissa
(Omaha, NE, USA)

A Cinderella Cake for Allie

A Cinderella Cake for Allie

My daughter Allie wanted a Cinderella cake for her 7th birthday so I made her this cake. I started by making a 11 x 15 " inch sheet cake. Then I made a cake using the doll pan.

I then made icing, I needed four batches of Wilton buttercream icing. I made two batches in rose pink, most of the next two batches. They were made of cornflower blue for the main dress and a lighter shade of cornflower blue for the accents and the border. I did the writing in the darker blue.

I then frosted the 11x 15 inch cake with the rose pink. I then inserted an actual Cinderella doll in the doll cake. I used the bath time Cinderella ( she came with the mouse). I used a tip size 18 for the whole dress and using a simple star design. I began at the top of the doll and worked my way down in rows. This was done using the darker blue icing first then the sleeves in the lighter blue and the waist in lighter blue.

After that I did the border using an number 21 using a simple shell design. I finished with the wording in a size 18 tip star design. Then adding a little icing under the mouse and number 7 candle to stick them to the cake.

Before I knew it I was done. It took a little time but was worth it. I received many compliments not only on taste but design.

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by: Bubbs

Congrats on making it on

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Coolest Cinderella Cake 44

by Neenah
(London, UK)

Homemade Cinderella Cake

Homemade Cinderella Cake

I made this Cinderella cake for my friend's daughter's 4th birthday.

I started with a homemade sheet cake using a yellow cake recipe. I then spread it with pink dyed buttercream icing and covered it with white fondant icing (sugarpaste). Using a tube of blue writing icing I stuck the pink candies (Smarties) around the base. Then I made the path using buttercream icing and pink sprinkles and outlined it with blue.

For the doll's dress, I again made a yellow cake using a 1 liter/1 quart pyrex bowl. I then dyed two lots of fondant the two shades of blue and made the bodice of the dress using fondant molded around the body. I added little cap sleeves and gloves and stuck on little blue balls for the dress detailing. The choker is made with black writing icing and a silver ball.

To insert the doll I first removed the legs and cut a small hole in the middle of the round cake, covered it with buttercream icing and stuck the doll in. I then covered the cake with dark blue fondant and then draped the light blue over it. Using a pastry brush I moistened the dark blue parts of the dress and brushed on edible pearl glitter. I used little blue flowers for detailing.

Then put the doll cake on the sheet cake. For added interest I added little clumps of flowers on the sheet cake. My friend's daughter really loved the cake.

Cinderella Cake

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