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Construction Vehicle Cake 27

by Rebecca
(Ontario Canada)

A Two Year Old's Excavator Cake

A Two Year Old's Excavator Cake

I made this construction vehicle cake for our son's second birthday. He loves everything to do with construction right now!

It was fairly simple once I had all the components prepared. The base was a 9X13 2" cake cut into an 'H' shape and covered with grey fondant for the tracks.

The center was a square piece of Styrofoam covered with yellow fondant to lift the cab and engine up from the tracks. The engine and cab were 9X9 and 2X3 2" cake covered with yellow fondant. I secured the cake together with 3 dowels for support. I made the bucket with fondant-- the arms were fondant-covered dowels. I had a ton of fun creating the construction site with all of Benjamin's favorite treats!

All told, I used 3 cake mixes, 7 cups of icing and about 60 oz. of fondant. There was plenty of cake to go around! Benjamin's reaction was priceless. That smile was one I won't forget for a long, long time!

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Super Mom
by: Anonymous

When does a busy OB have time to build such a beautiful cake?! Do you deliver to Windsor, Ontario. Forget the delivery, I may have to come down and see this fabulously talented baker in person. Can't wait to see more of your creations, E.

cool cake!
by: Catherne

awesome cake - i was just Googling for digger cake ideas for my son's 2nd b-day next week :)good job!

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Coolest Digger Cake Design 57

by Richard
(Canberra, ACT, Australia)

Homemade Digger Cake Design

Homemade Digger Cake Design

After following the tips from some others online (namely the rice Krispy digging arm) I also added licorice straps and mini Oreos for the wheels. The green cake was a chocolate cake which I 'dug' into with a spoon to make it look like excavated earth when it was served up(not shown in photo).

I used fondant for the windows and the digger arm, I used butter icing for virtually everything else. The base of the Digger Cake Design was cut into a shallow 'H' shape, iced and then another butter cake dropped on top. Avoid ever using black icing after you've started on the rest of the case. The big challenge is getting the yellow colour consistent between the icing and fondant, do it little by little.

My son was ecstatic although did get a little upset as people began to eat it. When served it was decorated with little signs and men from his toys. I owe the design entirely to this website.

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Coolest Construction Digger Cake 30

by Andrew
(Cake Town, South Africa)

Construction Digger Cake

Construction Digger Cake

This construction digger cake was requested by my daughter for her second birthday. My wife made two loaf-shaped, hot milk sponge cakes. One was cut in two for the 'axels' and the other rested across them for the 'body'. The wheels were two large and two small ring doughnuts, coated in black icing. The two exhaust pipes were curley candles.

The scoop was the most work. I constructed it out of icing-coated wafer biscuits using water icing as cement. The scoop arms were Chomps (a South African product: chocolate coated wafer bars) held in place with pretzel sticks pushed through the Chomps and into the cake.

The roof was a icing-covered wafer biscuit supported by four chocolate finger biscuits, with an orange fruit gum for a light. The grass was green icing with wildflower sprinkles. Black food colouring for the icing of the tyres was from a specialist food shop.

It took about 6 hours over two nights to assemble and ice.

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by: Nickita

Awesome, what a wonderful job! I am going to try make one for my baby girl, who my husband calls "Daddy's Dozer".

thank you
by: mandy

what a fab cake. My son is digger daft & I'm looking for ideas on a cake for him, thank you for the step by step guide, the donut wheel are a great idea. Thank you

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Coolest Construction Digger Cake 54

by Rebecca
(South Africa)

Homemade Construction Digger Cake

Homemade Construction Digger Cake

My little boy had a "construction" party for his 5th birthday and I made him this excavator / Construction Digger Cake. I made chocolate fudge brownie cake as it is firmer than other cakes and built the basic shapes of the cab and the bulldozer part and covered it all in yellow coloured fondant icing stuck on with buttercream.

I also used "strips" of cake for the parts which connect the "scoop" on the other side and the bulldozer part. I cut ovals of cake for the tracks (although it would probably be just as effective to make wheels from biscuits)and covered all the pieces in the yellow fondant. I used lots of licorice to outline everything and for the tracks and "cables" and the "fork" parts of the bulldozer. I painted the window with edible silver paint and used red jelly sweets for the lights on top. I used chocolate "Flake" for the sand.

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Coolest Excavator Cake 34

by Sarah
(Joliet, IL)

Homemade Excavator Cake

Homemade Excavator Cake

I made this Excavator cake for my friend's son's 2nd B-Day....he loves "diggies"! The base of the machine is a 12x18 vanilla pound cake that I cut and carved into shape. I had a lot of help from my husband with the design after he informed me that me original drawing was "all wrong"!

The arm is Rice Krispie Treats molded around dowel rods. The dirt hill is a chocolate cake baked in my large pampered chef batter bowl that I torted and filled with buttercream. The whole cake is iced in buttercream.

This was a huge hit. I only wish that my icing was a little more smooth on the arm. I had trouble getting it nice and smooth over the Rice Krispies. At the party, I added crushed Oreo cookies to the dirt hill for added effect.

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Excavator Cake
by: Kylie

Hi ... I think your cake is amazing. My little boy loves "digs" and would love to make it for his second birthday. Would you be able to tell me how you made it?


by: Nubiya

I too would absolutely love to make this cake as well. My son will be turning two on the 14th of February and he loves "MONSTER MACHINES!" so if you could, will you tell me how you made this trippy cake please! Thank you and hopefully talk to you soon!!

by: janae

I am making this right now. This is adorable. If you would like, please send me more directions. This is too fun for my two year old!

my son loves excavators
by: Holly K

I think your cake is wonderful!!! and I mean it!!! My son thinks anything that drives and sounds loud, and moves dirt is the most wonderful thing ever :). Anyway, his 3rd birthday is coming up in December and I would like to try this cake out to see if I can make it look close to as good as yours. Could you please give me more directions? I would very much appreciate any help. And thank you again. HK

Escavator cake
by: Helen

This is the coolest and I have been asked to do this for my brother's 60th birthday end of this month. I thought I better check out if anyone had ever made a cake like this. Please can you let me know what you made the tracks out of and how you assembled the arms. It looks just great and will give it a go. Any tips would be much appreciated.
Thanks Helen

Nice cake
by: Tina

My son is turning 3 on June 6 and wants an excavator cake. I'd like some more details.

You wrote that the base of the machine was a pound cake, was the rest of the machine a pound cake as well? How did you get the nice yellow color and gray and black?

I know I sound pretty dumb and I guess i am kinda when it comes to making cakes. It's kinda one of those things I am trying to learn how to do now that I am a mom. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

smooth icing
by: Anonymous

I'm told (haven't tried it yet) to get a smooth icing finish you icing your cake then use a piece of saran wrap to make it smooth. I'll be trying this technique myself in the next month.
You did a beautiful job!

Cool cake!
by: Ewa

That is a very cool cake!My 3 year old would drop dead if I made this for him! He LOVES excavators!!

This is the one!
by: Sarah

My son will be three on Sunday and I'm going to give this cake a go. I'm not very good at making cakes, so might cheat and purchase a pre-made cake, but I can decorate them fairly well.

I just hope I get the 'design' right. Yours looks fabulous, right down to the 'dirt' hill.

Thank you for putting this online. Fingers crossed mine will turn out as well as yours.

by: Celeste

Great Job! My son turns 4 on Sunday and has specifically requested an excavator cake this year. Last year it was a backhoe, the previous year it was just "general" construction vehicles. I am excited to see this post and hope mine turns out half as nice.

My Child loved this!!
by: ReneeNR

Thanks for the picture and ideas. I attempted this for my son's 5th birthday and he absolutely loved it. It took me quite a while to make, I spent one day baking and assembling the cake and the next decorating it. I didn't have the right size cake pans so I had to make due with what I had. I used 9 x 13 pans and just used regular chocolat and white cake mix. It was a slightly smaller version of yours but I still had to use 3 cake mixs for the entire cake, and rice krispies for the arm. The icing wasn't too smooth but I think it turned out fairly well for my first attempted at a shaped cake.
The look on my son's face was totally worth it!!

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