We had a request to make a drum kit cake for a 30th birthday. We were nervous and excited at the same time.

My husband made the cake board but both of us were concerned about what would happen when we turned the cake vertically. We thought about skewers to support it but ended up with a wedge either side sort of creating a valley for the cake to sit in on top of a plastic sleeve. We drilled, nailed and glued everything in place, the board was covered in vinyl contact paper and the stands were painted in acrylic paint.

The 7 cakes were a combination of chocolate mud, white mud and a butter cake. They were airbrushed blue and topped with rice paper to make it look like drum hide. The cymbals were cardboard with a styrofoam ball cut in half and painted gold. We told the customer that these were not edible!

On the day we delivered the cake and installed it we ourselves couldn’t believe the result! The customer had a huge smile on her face and her husband the birthday boy just kept saying “awesome”

The arrangement was a 7″, 2 x 6″ and 2 x 4″ cakes, the 7 & 6 inch cakes were double mixes hence the 7 cakes.