My inspiration for this wood working cake was my father-in-law, it was for his birthday. He is a skilled wood worker and between him and my husband there is no wood piece of furniture that has not been made by them. This was my first cake so I was nervous on how it would turn out. I knew I wanted to start with a wood stump since that is where it all begins.

From listening to my father-in-law and husband talk I had a good idea of the tools I wanted to make for the cake. I chose the easier and smaller of the tools. It was fun making the wood stump, I tried to contain my OCD to not make all the grains look the same. I covered the pound cake with a white fondant and from there I created the wood grain and painted it with a brown food coloring to create a grainy look.  I made all the tools on the top of the cake with fondant and used gel colors to create the perfect color I wanted.