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Coolest 12th Birthday Dragon Cake 55

by Jennifer R.
(Wakefield, RI)

Homemade 12th Birthday Dragon Cake

Homemade 12th Birthday Dragon Cake

My son wanted me to make him a dragon cake for his 12th birthday! I made the dragon red because not only is it his favorite color, but it is said to bring good luck to the person who receives the cake.

The 12th Birthday Dragon Cake was made using 2 bundt cakes and another cake which I baked in a loaf pan. I cut both of the Bundt cakes in half to make up the body; the loaf pan cake was used to make up the head and tail. I lightly frosted the cake with white frosting and then I used red Betty Crocker easy flow decorating icing in a can to put on star dots to cover the entire body!!

I needed A LOT of cans of this. I used the same easy flow icing in a buttercup color with the same tip for the "gold decorations on the cake and the same icing and tip in black for the black areas of the cake. Except that I used the black icing and the writing tip for the whiskers. I didn't include feet on this cake.

I also frosted and decorated cut fig Newtons for the spikes on the head. I also used 12 gold candles down the back of the dragon. It was fun but time consuming making this cake. The only thing I wanted to use but couldn't find was black licorice whips for the whiskers. And of course I found them after the party was over. I went the supermarket in the baking department and asked them for a full sheet cake box and cardboard for this cake. It was huge. I also needed to bring it to the party location and have them store it overnight because it wouldn't fit in my fridge!

All the children loved it and many took pictures on their cell phones!

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I love dragons
by: windy

Awesome china dragon ROAR! Did I scare you?

Thank you Windy
by: Jennifer R.

Thank you Windy! I try so hard every year to push my self a little harder with the cakes I make. I may even take a class someday! This year for his 13th birthday the son I made this dragon cake for had a DJ party so I made him a turntable cake which I am posting the picture to in a minute! Thanks again!

by: Kris F

I'm going to give this a go for my daughter's 11th bday party - she specifically wants a chinese dragon cake, and flipped over seeing this online - I'll keep you updated on how this turns out! :)

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