I decided to make a cake for my daughter’s school. This was my first time using Fondant. They were having a 1950’s theme for their teacher appreciation lunch and after looking all over the internet this is what I came up with. I made the cake stand using hard Styrofoam rounds(16,14 &8”) and 2 cubes (4×4“) all found at Michaels. I covered each round and both cubes in white vinyl and cut a hole in the center of each to insert a long dowel rod. The stand was very simple to make and costs much less then buying one. The vinyl makes it easy to clean up and re-use. I would recommend trying to make your own stand to anyone. After making the stand I made some White MM Fondant, which was really easy to work with, and covered all three rounds. I then made some Black MM Fondant by replacing about ½ cup of the icing sugar in the recipe for ½ cup of cocoa powder and black gel color. It turned out really dark although not exactly midnight black, it actually looked better, more rich, and went well with the other colors I was using. The colors had a really retro feel to them. Anyway, I rolled out the black fondant and using a ruler and small pizza cutter, made square cut-outs. I used these to create a diamond border around the bottom round and made a checker board pattern on the middle round. I hand painted the little diamonds around the top round using black gel color and a little vodka (which evaporates when it dries). I used vanilla and chocolate cake mixes for the cupcakes and the cake. You can’t see in the picture but I made them zebra cakes (even the tiny cupcakes) by alternating between chocolate and vanilla batter. You can type “Zebra Cakes” into the your search engine and you can find more detailed instructions on how to make these types of cakes. They look really cool when you bite into them. They are a lot of work and very time consuming but they look great! The lunch was on a Thursday so I made all the cakes and cupcakes on the weekend before and covered them well and placed them in the freezer until Wednesday morning so they would be thawed and fresh when I decorated them in the evening. I made the “Diner-Teachers Rock” sign ahead so it could dry. I also made the records for the cupcakes ahead of time so they would be dried and ready to use when needed them. I iced the cake in butter cream icing and then covered it in white MM Fondant and decorated with fondant dancing girl and jukebox. I had more ideas for the cake but ran out of time as I also run a home daycare ( I could only work on the cake in my free time after my kids went to bed for the night). I made two sizes of cupcakes, large and tiny. I decorated half with the records I had made ahead and the other half were made to look like milkshakes with cherries and a straw. The cupcakes all had butter cream icing on them. This took a lot of time and work but it was soo much fun and there are so many great ideas for the 50’s theme. The teachers loved it and I got a few requests for cakes.