My baby girls first b-day was approaching. I wanted it to be celebrated with something different. We, I and my Husband planned it almost 3 months ago and finally decided the cake will be our own. Many best friends told us not to go for that, because it is a headache, but my husband told me to go ahead and supported me well.

As I am from a remote village of India, I do not have the opportunity to use an oven or any other cake making tools. First we decided we will search the web to find what the whole procedure is and what equipment we need. When I proceeded to search – I got this site – coolest birthday, youtube and Wilton’s website all helped me to know about the whole process. And so we decided to plan a PRINCESS theme.

Also one of my friends informed me how she prepares cake with ready-made cake mixture; but it was not that much tasty. The urge to make something genuine again came in to our mind. So we searched for all ingredients to make a cake. After searching in some of the department stores we got all the basic ingredients.

The day came, January 1st, 2010, a new year with a new start for me and my husband along with our 3 year old son, and so we started to make the cake. Our son was full time behind us as we progressed with each step. He wanted to taste everything and he kept us ongoing. Newly purchased hand held mixer was doing a wonderful job, adding all the mixers together to a batter. You know at first two to three cakes burnt badly. But at last it came well.

Then we collected all the decorating tools, it was difficult to get icing colors… but Wilton’s starters pack gave the solution for icing color. Thus we decided, planned and confirmed to make the cake for my daughter’s birthday…

We started with the invitation which we created using our daughter’s photo and Disney princesses. It started with Cinderella having an invitation in her hand and all the other princess want to open it and read, when opening, daughter started to talk ”HELLO, I have learned to laugh & squeal, sit & stand and even I can walk if you hold my hands, but the fun has only just begun, LOOK OUT THE WORLD I‘M TURNING ONE… And wishes your presence at the royal birthday celebration on 19th of March 2010, Friday at 8.00 pm, In STAR OF INDIA, AL MARKHIYA… All are heartily welcome to PRINCESS SANGHAMITHRA’s birthday ball…”

We decided to make a homemade 1st birthday castle cake for our little princess. As to start with cake first I drew a structure of a castle and just made a cutout using cardboard. Then I made 10 cakes of 7 inch by 4 inch and socked in sugar syrup the whole day. The next day early morning we started to decorate the cake. First I kept the cake one by one each top filled with butter cream icing then using the cutout trimmed the cake to the shape of castle, then coated with a layer of icing and kept for getting that set.

We then mixed colors of pink and violet in butter cream icing. We layered the cake using Wilton’s basket weave tip 47. We used ice cream cup cones dipped in icing and sprinkled with colored chocolate chips to make the towers and balcony for the castle and in each window we placed Disney princess and our daughter’s photo with the crown candle on her head. We were very excited till the cake was completely finished and reached the hotel at time.

My hubby did a great job by helping me in mixing the icing, colors, and looked after kids while I was engaged in decorating the cake. Even he did a great job of decorating balloons in the hall. He made clouds and an arch with help of his two friends. The hall looked very awesome.

We collected princess stickers, a crown candle, a welcome banner, birthday banner, a princess dress, wand, crown, plates, etc. We decided to give return gifts as well. In each gift bag we put some sketches, color pencils, drawing books, and cars. We also made a big poster with baby’s photo and clock so that all the guests can write their wishes and blessings in words. We arranged a hall in restaurant on the day of her birthday, a Friday with a good buffet.

All the guests came and had a great appreciation for the cake. I just got heavenly reached when the chef of the hotel came and commented on the cake as they never had seen and made such a nice cake, and the whole day was superb. Even though my homemade 1st birthday castle cake was not as perfect as the cakes seen in this site, I hope I made a good job with the great support of my husband and kids. I am very proud of them. I believe I can do much better next time.