I am a wedding planner by trade and a cake junky by default. Being a wedding planner and a lover of cake decorating, I decided to learn. This past 1/1/11 I talked to one of my corporate clients into letting me marry them off instead of going elsewhere. As a gift, I made them a wedding cake. Not my first wedding cake, but it was my 2nd haha

She loves Tiffany blue and they were only have a few close friends to the ceremony and then going out to dinner. I wanted to give them a cake to cut so I did a 3 tier 8, 6 and 4″ round cake. It was chocolate with a chocolate ganache filling all made from scratch.

I made a butter cream icing and tinted some Tiffany blue. I made a dot pattern and then bought her real Calla lily flowers, made her bouquet and used the rest to decorate the cake. The greenery that looks like it’s coming off of the cake is actually laying on the table behind the cake.