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Coolest 70's Disco Cake 2

by Kerry S.

Homemade 70's Disco Cake

Homemade 70's Disco Cake

Cakes are my hobby and I usually make them as birthday presents for friends and family. This 70's Disco cake was made for two friends' 30th birthday celebrations, the theme of which was the 70's.

It was a normal sponge with strawberry jam and buttercream filling. I used sugar paste to make the glitter balls, as it is lighter and sets harder. The rest of the icing was your everyday rollout icing, dyed with food-coloring paste. I added lots of edible glitter and covered the board it sits on with a disco-type covering; this idea I got from the scene setters who decorated the room.

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by: Anonymous

O my gosh, that cake is like perfect! Its a perfect circle and its really cute! and Cool!

How did you do that
by: Sue

How did you do the silhouettes they are great!

by: puppy lover

It might just be the one, maybe I'm not sure

You should go into business
by: Anonymous

You should go into business - you are too good to do this justa s a hobby!

How did you make sillhouettes?
by: Ileana

Did you have a cookie cutter for the silhouettes or did you cut them out by hand? I've been looking for an easy way to make them. HELP!!!!

70's dancers
by: Jodie

How did you do those 70's dancers...i am baking a cake for my friend birthday and would love to include these in my design x x x

by: Anonymous

u use black fondant and then u cut out shapes by using cookie cutters

by: Anonymous

what if you cant find the cookie cutters i have a 70s themed cake to make in a week and have been looking for awhile trying to find some??HELP

Disco cut outs
by: Michelle

How did you cut those out? They are awesome. I've searched the internet, even for a template, can't find anything usable.

Where did you get the disco dancer stencils?q
by: Anonymous

Hi - I would love to try this, where did you get the disco dancer stencils to use to cut out the fondant shapes with?


Flooding for pictures
by: Bart

If you find the picture you like just print it to the size you like then place a piece of baking paper over it. Make up a royal icing mix(of 1 Egg White PURE icing sugar(Approx 8oz) and a few drops of lemon juice) make it a bit thicker than cream. You do not want it to spreed to much. Then place it in a pipping bag and just go around the outside of the picture then fill in the centre (THIS IS CALLED FLOODING). You can slide a ruler under the baking paper and move it back and forth just to smooth it out and get out the aie bubbles.
I hope this will help people out
I am a pastry chef by trade and have used this method for lots of pictures.

Cookie Cutters
by: Anonymous

Were did you get the cookie cutters from? Doing a disco ball cake and they would of been great. Been to my local cake decorating shop today but they didn't have anything like those.

disco cake
by: Anonymous

The cake follows the theme from the Party City Disco Party supplies. You can use the printed plates or napkins as a guide.

70's disco theme
by: julia

Hi i love your disco dancer on your cake ...I have a cake to do and would love to make the dancers you have on the cake ..where can i get the cut out of fondant

My Bday Party
by: tturnwill

I have a party coming up next month n I have been looking high n low for a cake. This is fantastic!!! I would love to know where u got the disco dancers from and the other toppers. Please share...

70s Disco Cake
by: Anonymous

Geez, you got this idea from Cafe World in Facebook! It's the same design! ;)

by: Anonymous

how did you do the people

Disco moulds
by: Pauline

I bought them off cake craft world this week, to do exactly that cake for someone... Cost me about £6 ..

Just tell people will you..

Why can't you just tell the people asking that they're patchwork cutters. You can get them on eBay or most cake suppliers in the UK. or US. The disco patchwork cutters are really cheap too. Pastry chef? For God's sake. The silhouette bit is so simple. Royal Icing is NOT needed for this. Stop being so mean. The post may be an old one now but if anyone else comes across it, they should know.

Link for dancers cookie cutter & lettering
by: Lorri

Am going to attempt this cake for my sisters 40th - here's a link to a site that has the patchwork cutter for the dancers as well as clikstix groovy lettering and numbers.

Disco Dancers Cake
by: Josie

Hi! Your cake looks beautiful. What did you use to make the disco dancers? I am from Puerto Rico and I'm looking for those cutters.



Silhouette Suggestion
by: Amy

I'm glad there was a post about the Royal Icing bit. I'm not trying to make this cake, but need ideas on silhouettes. Although my suggestion is for people to Google "disco cookie cutters" since they have already explained how they did it.

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