For my niece’s bridal shower she wanted an 80s theme shower so I made her a cake representing the 80’s at it finest, a Pacman cake. I made a board using foam board and frosting as the Pacman video game. Then I made Mr. and Mrs. bridal party Pacman cakes, bow tie and veil included. I also added the cutest little ghost cookies ever.

The cakes were 8″ round ( I did use boxed cakes )that I cut out the mouth, frosted using frosting made of shortening butter, powdered sugar, vanilla and milk then cooled in fridge overnight. I then melted the frosting and poured over the top to give a nice glaze. I used melting chocolate for the bows and bow tie by piping them onto wax paper and cooling in fridge. I then assembled after cooled by adding some sparkle gel for the eyes and the freckle on Mrs. Pacman.

For the cookies I used a tulip cookie cutter upside down for sugar cookie mix, then frosted with glaze made from karo syrup, milk and powder sugar. I used white chocolate chip and trimmed tops flipped upside down for whites of the eyes and then black gel for the dots.

The cake was a huge hit and everyone loved it, but of course nothing less for my beautiful niece.