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Coolest Alligator Cake 64

by Heather
(Eunice, La)

Homemade Alligator Cake

Homemade Alligator Cake

Here is a alligator cake that was made for my cousin's second birthday. He loves alligators and wanted big "real" one on top of cake instead of just a small toy one plus we are a big family so needed lots of cake so I decided to make a 12x12 square (flat)cake and make alligator for top!

I found the fudge marble cake (everyone loves it-it has mixed plain yellow and chocolate mixed for both flavors!). I always put in freezer especially the bigger size pans-makes so much easier to flip! I did 2 layers with regular chocolate icing in middle. Then I iced in buttercream. As most people do not like the test of fondant-and its not cheap and why waste it-I always ice my cakes in flat buttercream (vivid paper towels and warm water) and use fondant decorations-easy to just take off and serve cake!

I went for a "swamp/pond" look so iced most of it just regular green and bottom cornor blue for lake. 3 days before party I made all the decorations. I made the huge alligator out of rice crispy treat snacks! I always use the snacks instead of making my own-I find it works 100%better! I covered with thin green fondant then made marks in it to look like scales&skin. The eyes are ediable pearls. I put some small dowel rods to support the alligator as he was little heavy.

I made the usual "no fishing" wood sign but said "sam". I made cattails, leaves, sticks and letters out of fondant! For the trim all around I used the big leave cutout and cut in half-on need for smooth icing! Worked perfectly!
When ready to cute we just took off all things and cut! So easy! And birthday boy got to enjoy gator later!

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