This Angry Birds cake is the cake for my mum’s 40th birthday made by me and my partner Chris. It’s the night before her birthday and we throw together a quick sponge cake with a chocolate butter cream filling. We bought a ton of ready roll icing as we were already cutting it short and got to making the bottom coat first. We mixed blue and white icing together to make a lovely sky blue colour. Chris carefully placed it over the sponge and then cut round the bottom of the sponge. That was just the start.

I then thinly rolled some of the white icing and we cut out cloud shapes, with a tiny dab of water on the back of the clouds we placed them on top. We then got to making the characters, this was the part we enjoyed the most! We bought up 2D pictures of the individual birds on Google and got to work.

I was delegated the job of making the piggies. With the birds it was very delicate work from Chris. He firstly shaped the specific bird he was making and separately made its features for example, with the red bird he made the body then removed onto making some orange icing using red and yellow together. He then thinned and cut out some grey icing for the belly. White balls of icing slightly lying flatter for the eyes with a black pupil. He said the eyebrows were a bit fiddly but just need concentration. The feathers on the head were added last.

Like I said, the piggies were my job. It’s all about creating the different faces for these as otherwise they’d all look the same. Firstly I molded the main body like Chris did with his, using green icing of course. I then made mall’s ball’s of the icing, flattened them, cut them in half and then gently molded them to the top of the body. The nose was just slightly thinned out icing cut into an oval. The nostrils, eyebrows and pupils were made separately then gently stuck on. They didn’t take as much work as Chris’s but I was very proud of all our hard work.

There were many boo boos but nothing that wasn’t solved by resilience and hard work, waiting for the end result. Finally we put them all into position and put it away for the night. The next morning we unveiled it to my mum and she was ecstatic with joy. None of us were aloud to touch it all day until she had shown everyone. We were very happy that she enjoyed it that much. As a result of this we are now being asked to make cakes for family and friends. Cake making is so rewarding.