This Animal Print Cake Design was for my son’s first birthday. I was inspired by many of the cakes I saw on this site and added some of my own touches. I did a three tier cake.

For the cardboard base, I took cardboard and cut it in a circle to fit my cake plate. I then wrapped the cardboard in a cut up animal print gift bag that I found.

For the bottom tier: I made 2 large circle cake pans of chocolate cake. I then layered it with white shortening-type icing (I wanted a true “white”) and covered the cake with white icing. Since the cake was pretty thick, I did 1 1/2 layers. I cut each cake in half horizontally to make a total of 4 round layers and only used 3 of the 4 layers. I took black fondant that I bought from Michael’s and made stripes and then placed them on the cake to make a Zebra print.

For the middle layer: I made 2 medium size circle cake pans of yellow cake. I layered it with a yellow dyed burnt butter icing. I then used brown fondant (the package I bought from Michael’s was for faces and had brown, pink, tan and black fondant) and cut it in random squares and placed it around the cake. This was the leopard print.

For the top layer: I wanted a small cake that my son could have for himself. I used the half portion of the cake from the bottom tier and cut it into 2 circles and layered it. I used the frosting from the middle layer and colored it until I had a nice orange. I then used the black fondant that I had left from the bottom tier and made Tiger stripes.

To cover all of the seams, I used green frosting and made leaves. From Michael’s I bought foam animals for $1 each and placed them around the cake. I had a few different options for animals, but this type seemed to look the best.

Everyone was impressed and it was a super easy cake to make. My mom helped with the green finishes since I’m not the best cake decorator, but the rest of it was just cutting and placing.