This was my first wedding cake ever, and was asked to do it just 1 week before there wedding. What a challenge, and what fun it was.

She knew what she wanted as far as the 3 tiers and apples in between in each layer, the question for me was how was I going to accomplish this, balancing 3 tiers on 4 apples. Well, helped me accomplish this.

After figuring out HOW I was going to stack the cake, the next step was the cake they wanted: Mandarin Orange Cake with whipped cream. After their sampling they liked my vanilla-pineapple whipped topping.

So the cake was cake v-p whipped topping, mandarines, cake v-p whipped topping and fondant on the tiers and no fondant on the 5 sheet cakes they wanted.

It was a fun experience and hope to do more in the future.