I made this Ariel Castle Cake for both of my daughters to share for their 4th and 2nd birthday. We celebrated them at the same time since they are only 8 days apart. I got several great ideas for this cake from this website, and used a combination of them, plus my own ideas for decorating the cake.

I started baking the cakes two days before the party, and stuck them in the freezer until the day of the party when I put it all together. I used two 10 inch rounds for the bottom, and two 6 inch rounds for the top. I made the pillars and turrets the day before the party as well, and kept them in the refrigerator until the day of the party. I made the pillars out of two regular ice cream cones coated in vanilla almond bark and sprinkled with yellow sprinkles. I used toothpicks to hold those together. I made the turrets out of sugar cones coated in vanilla almond bark and covered in blue and pink sprinkles.

To decorate the cake, I bought butter cream frosting from a local grocery store bakery and used food coloring to make it blue/green. I also used one of the Wilton cans of frosting that comes with 4 different tips for decorating. I used my daughter?s Ariel toys on the cake, as well as mints, gummy octopuses, Swedish fish, and a couple of big swirly suckers. I let both of my daughters help put all the toys and candy on the cake.

I used the Wilton can of yellow frosting to hold the pillars and turrets together. I also used that to write Happy Birthday, and I used it to write the girls’ names on the cookie sheet. Then I stuck little button candies into the frosting to spell their names.

Everyone loved the cake! I got a TON of compliments on it! I was also very pleased with the way it turned out! Thanks to this site for giving me lots of great ideas!! It was a lot of fun!