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Coolest Ariel Little Mermaid Birthday Cake 110

by Lisa Radtke
(Everett, WA, USA)

Homemade  Ariel Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

Homemade Ariel Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

My baby girl turned 3 last week - June 27th. Weeks before, I said, what do you want for your cake? She yelled "Aweeall!" So, the search for a good pattern of an Ariel Little Mermaid Birthday Cake was on. I have a hard time doing hands so I tried to find one without hands but showed her as much as possible. I finally resolved myself to just getting the pan from Michaels and doing the headshot of her as the pan depicts.

BUT, then, a week before her birthday, I just decided that it wasn't enough of a challenge so insanely, I looked for more pictures.

I found one that I could do and to hide the hands (I saw a similar one online). I tried to blow up the pic but my printer wouldn't do it right, so I sketched out the body to pretty much the same scale as the head. I baked the head from the cake pan as directed and then baked a 11x15 sheet cake and cut out the body.

On the day before her party, I mixed all the colors (I make the BC frosting a day or two before I frost) according to the head directions and then made light teal and darker teal for the body. That night, I began to frost the head - it used mostly a round tip (3) and star tip (16) so it went fast.

When I got to the body, I realized that I placed it backwards so I had to refreeze the cake and flip it the next morning to finish. The day of the party, I thinly frosted it with white and then I sketched the body out with a toothpick so I knew where to put my lines - this was good since I had to re-smooth a few times to get the lines right. Once that was done, I outlined her body with the #3 tip, then filled in the other areas with #16 star tip. I was a bit hurried but it came out fine (as did the rest of the party prep).

Once that was done, I used a purple color mist on the sides, which conveniently turned blue like water (I really wanted blue color mist but the store was out so I thought, well, she likes purple - who knew it would turn blue??).

To finish, I had a lot of the flesh color left over so I did seashell border (tip 18) around the entire thing. The effect looked like sand with the "water" falling off of her. Everyone thought it was cool looking.

I think it came out beautiful and my girl squealed when she saw it. I know she loved it and that is all that mattered.

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great idea
by: Anonymous

This is awesome! My daughter is turning 5 next month. I used the same Ariel head shot pan for her 3rd birthday and she loved it. She was looking through pictures last week and asked for the same cake for her 5th party. I was a little dissapointed because I wanted to try something different, but your cake is a great way to add to what she loves.

Ariel Cake
by: Jodi

This is a beautiful cake. Thanks for the idea.

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