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Coolest Baby Cake 19

by Amy M.
(West Virginia , USA)

Shhh Baby is Sleeping Cake

Shhh Baby is Sleeping Cake

I made this baby cake for my niece's Baby shower. She didn't know the sex of the baby so I used neutral colors so that it would be appropriate for either sex.

I made the baby and blanket with flowers 3 days ahead of the cake and finishing flowers. It is made of Fondant that I colored to look like skin tone ( a very pale pink and light brown & white )and the colors you see on the cake. I also made a baby bottle & rubber ducky in fondant but the other small elements (rattles carriages and clear bottles are plastic, purchased from the craft store ).

The shower was on a Saturday so I baked the cakes on Thursday evening to let them cool completely over night. They are easier to ice that way with the buttercream or desired icing that goes on before the Fondant (this is the next step. Friday I finished making the flowers and border to the large "blanket" that the baby is laying on that covers the cake.

I actually chose a whipped cream icing to ice the cake before the fondant. I find that it is not as sweet as some and gives a nice balance to the fondant which tends to be pretty sweet for me personally. I rolled out the fondant then textured it to match the small blanket and then topped the cake with it, added my ruffled edge and finished garnishing with the flowers and added baby and blanket and elements on top and the cake was done !

It was a hit at the shower, mommy to be loved it, and the guests seemed to like it too. I even got another order from it. I have always wanted a baby and could never have one of my own (I did however adopt a four year old who is eleven now )but this was a JOY to make! I truly enjoyed every minute of it!

Baby Cake

Baby Cake

Baby Cake

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by: Teresa Graham

I loved your cake. I like making cakes but yours is the best I have every seen. I live in Virginia, be nice to work close to someone that does such a nice job.

by: Kim

This has to be the most AMAZING cake I have ever seen! The baby looks so real! Great Job!

by: Jen

What a great cake. Love the baby!

by: Anonymous

what an amazing cake! you are very talented!

can i get one made?
by: Anonymous

can i get one made? the baby sleeping is so nice, but i live in Newfoundland, Canada...

But how....
by: Heather

I would love to know how much fondant you used to make the baby and the procedure for making it. It's an amazing cake.

great work
by: Anonymous

this is the best cake i have ever seen in the whole world you should be proud of your gift

by: Anonymous

how cute
is it real

Really Impressed! But...
by: Anonymous

Incredible looking cake! But who would want to cut through the baby? Kinda creepy!

i need this
by: Anonymous

how can i get this for my baby shower? im in new york

by: Anonymous

Oh WOW ! I haven't been able to get online like I want to lately as my family and I have moved . I SOOOOOOO appreciate all the wonderful compliments !! To those asking how you can get one..I don't have only ever made one for locals . Im sure there is a way to ship them, I have just never tried that and wouldn't know the best way to assure the quality , taste and freshness or assuring nothing was damaged during shipping ...I don't even own a business . I just make them from my home ..some are for friends and family but have sold some of them as well for special orders from locals . Im SURE there are plenty of reputable businesses who could assure you a better quality cake than I could , if for no other reason but experience in shipping their cakes previously . To the question about how much fondant I used to make the baby , ALOT, some of the small elements are made of gumpaste . I use a process similiar to that used with polymer clay. I start with a "ball" of fondant and roll into the desired shape and mold to my "vision" of whats in my mind. Being that I come from a huge family and have been Auntie to MANY babies I just used my own imagination and experience in how a baby looks while sleeping ...I also tried for 11 yrs to have a child of my own so the visions of a baby in my mind were and always have been very vivid..I could possibly give u a lil better step by step process in which I made the baby. Im probably running out of space for my message Im sure ,so Im going to stop at saying THANKS again for all the wonderful comments !! They are MUCH appreciated !

by: Amy

I cant find it on this page, but I think on another post or something I sent personally to one of you who emailed me ( which I cant find...::sigh:: ) I had said that the rattles and the white and green baby carriages and bottles , were done using a mold and white/ colored chocolate . I was thinking thats how I did them ( but its been a while since I made this cake ) but recently I was going through some things looking for the molds and found some of the carriages and the rattles in a lil plastic bag they are NOT made from white chocolate and just wanted to correct myself . BUT the white bottle with the nipple / lid that matches the babys hat ( laying right beside the babys head in the back )I DID make and mold myself out of fondant , as well as the lil yellow rubber ducky. Everything else is done exactly the way I said . Sorry I didnt get back to post sooner but I forgot all about it and then tonight I came on for another reason and realized I had not corrected myself . so ..I apologize for that . If you have any other questions feel free to post or email me . Have a Great Day !

the baby on the cake
by: Anonymous

I do cakes but would love instructions on how to make the baby

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