The Baby Girl Shower Cake was created for a baby shower. I came with the idea after seeing a cake on another site with a cute baby topper. I decided I could do better and from there, the ideas just sort of flowed out of me as I was working on the cake.

The cake is 3 tiers, with the middle tier being much shorter than the other two. I wanted to do this to make it stand out a little bit. The topper was made of fondant. I made the baby a few days prior to let it dry. It took several hours to complete.

To make the baby blocks, I mixed some fondant with gumpaste to speed up the dry time. I cut out 4 squares and then “glued” them together with royal icing to form a box. Then used a letter cutter to cut out letter shapes and put one on each side of each block. I then cut out clothes (freehand – no stencil involved) out of fondant. I have the small texture pins that I was able to roll over the fondant prior to cutting out my shape.

I love the look the texture pins provide. I used royal icing to pipe small dots around the cake. To make the border around each tier, I colored some fondant pink. Then I used the wide end of one of my pastry tips and cut out a bunch of circles. Then cut each circle in half and laid them around the cake. Using the wide end of my pastry tip again, i went around and pushed the wide end into each half circle.

I finished by using a very small flower cutter and cut out several different flowers. I put the flowers in egg cartons to dry. Once they were dry, I used royal icing to place them on the baby blocks, blanket, and wooden posts!