The Homemade Baby Shower Cake Design is a double layered 10 inch round. The inside is hollowed out, so you actually lose a lot of cake. I wrapped the doll in plastic wrap first so the icing wouldn’t sink into the fabric body and then wrapped it in the blanket. Everything on the cake is edible except for the baby, the blanket and the bow. You can get edible Easter grass at the grocery store on the seasonal candies isle (with the Easter candy).

Because I lost a lot of cake when I hollowed it out I made cupcakes that look like diapers. The cupcake is hollowed out too but filled with chocolate pudding. The top of the cupcake is placed back on the top and then it is iced. When the cupcake is bit into the pudding oozes out. This is called a dirty diaper cupcake. They must be refrigerated until just before serving because of the pudding. Kids love them!!