This Homemade Baptism Christening Cake was my third cake. I made it for my neighbour’s grandson’s baptism. She asked me to make a bible cake and this is what I came up with.

The book itself is made with (4) 11×15 sheet cakes. I laid one sheet cake (almond wedding cake recipe from on top of the other, offsetting by a few inches to the right so it kind of sagged in the middle and created the correct angle on the outside edge of the “page”. I did the same to the “page” on the right, offsetting the cake to the left a few inches.

I then covered with buttercream icing tinted a slight off-white colour. I then ran a (new) comb through the icing on the bottom, top and sides to make it look like pages of the bible. This didn’t have to be perfectly straight because it made the book look old and worn with the imperfections. I laid off-white tinted fondant in 2 sections to only the top of the cake.

I then rolled out a “snake” of fondant and attached it around the bottom of the cake to look like the outside cover of the book. I used a real ribbon in the middle, and handmade the birds and flowers out of fondant (pansy cutter and then flatten out a little the back of a pencil). I outlined the shape of a cross with the pansies and scattered a few in other sections where I thought it looked nice. These were done in pure white so they didn’t stand out too much.

The birds and fountain I just played with until I thought it looked OK. The writing I did on the cake with edible markers but my trick was to print it out backwards off the computer, paint on food colouring and press onto the cake so I knew where to fill in the rest of the letters!

This cake was very fun to make! I hope I have given you some ideas – just give yourself enough time.