This Barbie cake was my sister in laws 40th birthday cake. She wanted one Barbie for each decade. The first Barbie was just a young Barbie. I made it peach colored, I snaked the white on the skirt of the barbie. I used the smallest tip and just went all over. It took some time to do that but it was fun. I used Wilton buttercream that I made myself. I then made a shirt out of fondant of the same color as the dress part and did the snake lines on the fondant.

The second Barbie was made by my mother in law, it was supposed to be for when her daughter was prom queen and it was the same color of her prom dress. I made the silver crown she is wearing out of fondant and put nail crystals on it.

The third Barbie cake I made is to represent her 30’s, she was pregnant in them. I don’t know if you can tell but I made that Barbie pregnant. I just used some fondant and balled it up and made her shirt out of fondant, and molded that right over the baby bump. I then iced the skirt of the Barbie the same pink. On each one I put all of the icing on the cake and then used an upward motion smoothing out the icing, and making pleats in the icing. I then used a star tip and made little stars all over the cake and iced the bottom.

The 4th cake is the nurse cake. I did pretty much all the same things I did with the others. I made the nurse hat, stethoscope and apron out of fondant and painted them with acrylic paint. I iced the skirt the same way, with an upward motion creating pleats in the icing and iced around the bottom.

Everyone loved the cakes, they didn’t want to cut into them. but the icing is so good. I made them by the end of the night!