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Coolest Barbie Cake 141

by Charmaine
(Bemidji MN)

Yellow Gowned Barbie Cake

Yellow Gowned Barbie Cake

This was my second cake and I had a creative BLAST! I used the large Pampered Chef bowel for skirt and a 12 inch floral pan for bottom. I used one cake mix for each. I used French vanilla.

For the skirt of the Barbie cake turn oven down to about 300 and cook slightly longer. About 45 mins. After cakes were fully cooled I torted the skirt into three layers and filled with butter cream. I then crumb coated the skirt and the flower.(chill) While these chilled to set-up I mixed my frosting colors for the base and dress.

I also mixed matching color into MM fondant for dress bodice, bow and side flounces. Cover and set aside. Next I used a long serrated knife to core out the center of the dress piece, I pressed a shot glass into cake to use as a guide for cutting. I then placed a generous layer of butter cream in center of bottom cake and placed dress on top. Large side down of course to form the bell of dress.

I used two distinctly different star tips for covering cakes. I covered flower layer with lavender stars and the dress with yellow/gold stopping an inch shy of the hole carved in the top. I then undressed Barbie and wrapped her in plastic wrap up to her waist. I used yellow fondant to make a bodice and inserted doll into hole in cake up to the where I wanted her skirt to meet the bodice. I then piped the stars right up to her waist.

I used more fondant to create a bow, and fancy side panels. I dampened the back slightly before gently pressing to cake. I added ruffles and royal icing roses left over from another project and piped cheery green leaves to complete the look. FUN! FUN!

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