My daughter turned 4 on 24th Feb this year so I decided to throw her a birthday party and invite a few of her friends from Kindy and some of her cousins as well. From the beginning of the year I started thinking of baking her a cake and when I asked her she told me she wanted a Barbie Doll Birthday Cake as she had seen a picture of it somewhere. So I thought “Okay I’ll give this a try”.

I decided to go the whole works, i.e with Marshmallow fondant. As I had never worked with fondant before, I decided to use every opportunity I could, to practice. I was asked to make a cake for my friend’s hens night so I made a chocolate mud cake and topped it off with white fondant. Unfortunately that was my only chance to practice but it went well but I thought it was pretty hard work.

So I wanted it to look perfect but I did not have a proper Wilton wonder mold cake tin for it. I didn’t want to buy a brand new one cause I’d probably not use it again, so I hired one out for the night. I was told not to make a heavy cake for the skirt because it would probably not hold the fondant well, so i made a basic chocolate cake for the skirt. Although I used a recipe that required two layers, it still came out short. So I made another two layers of the same recipe but in my 2 8″ round cake tins. Now, my Barbie doll’s legs (from her hips down)were 19cm so that was a problem. The cake I made in the Wilton pan was 10cm and the extra layer cake I made after that was 5cm, I then decided to bake another cake in my square 9″ tin. That turned out perfect at 4 cm (just what I needed). The doll would sit on a square base, which worked out really well. A few weeks before that, I bought some fondant flowers (since I had no idea how to make them) and thought it would look good on the sides of the cake and on the skirt.

Now with the MMF fondant I just followed recipes on youtube and it turned out fine. I had 2 bags of marshmallows (here in NZ they only come in bags on pink and white) so I used all the pink ones and made a bowl of pink fondant and white fondant with the white marshmallow. For the green top on Barbie I used mint green color paste. It took most of the day and night to make the cakes and do decorate the cake but it was all worth it because here is how it turned out. Arrggh after all that stressing out I got a good nights sleep that night.

I learnt my lesson from the first fondant covered cake I made, that I shouldn’t put it in the fridge overnight because it causes condensation and the cake was covered with water droplets all over. So I left this one out all night. The next morning it was still in prefect condition and ready for the party.

The cake was absolutely delicious and my daughter really loved it. It was a pity though, within a couple of minutes the cake was all eaten up.