This Barbie Doll Birthday Cake Design is my second doll cake in two years for my granddaughters. The first one was a Hula girl, this granddaughter is having a Barbie birthday. I used two Betty Crocker Super Moist Chocolate Fudge cake mix as my grandchildren love chocolate cake. I baked one cake in the Pampered Chef glass mixing bowl and the other in 8 inch rounds. I had some problems with the bowl this time around so I had to cut off quite a bit of the cake, just using the domed part.

After refrigerating the cakes overnight, I put the two rounds on a glass pedestal cake plate, putting chocolate frosting in between the layers. I then put more chocolate frosting on the top layer and added the dome cake. I cut a hole in the center to put the doll in. I used a good Barbie doll so I wrapped her legs up to her waist in clear plastic wrap.

I then sculpted the cake to the shape I wanted. I put some of the cut off pieces of cake around the waist of the doll to help form a more flowing shape. I made one recipe of decorating frosting, tinted pink for the crumb coating and the main coating. I tinted some frosting a darker pink color for the decorations. I used a # 2 tip for creating the lace on the bodice and upper part of the skirt. I used a star tip for the shaping around the lace, on the dress and at the bottom of the skirt. I used the # 2 tip for the earrings and pearls around the neck and a small star tip to be the big stone in the necklace.

Even with the few problems I had, I was very pleased with how it turned out. My granddaughter loved it.