I made this Barbie Doll Cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday. She wasn’t too sure how she wanted the dress of the cake to look, only that she wanted a Barbie cake, so I had some freedom.

I had made a disastrous doll cake a few years back that had me close to tears, so I was very nervous to go there again, but I must have learnt from my mistakes, because in the end, this cake turned out to be far easier and less stressful.

I baked four layers of vanilla hot milk sponge and froze them for when I would need to ice. On the day of icing, I partially defrosted the layers and joined them with butter cream icing. I covered the doll’s top with butter cream and then rolled her around in hundreds and thousands. Then I inserted the doll, which was quite a job, as I was using an apple corer! And because I struggled a little with that, I landed up wiping the dolls top with my finger and, well, redesigning her top! While the cake was still firm to the touch, I carved it into shape.

I did a green crumb coating, as I felt this would make the skirt look more like a bunch of flowers. I had seen an icing technique on a bakers blog for a rose cake, and thought that would be cool. I used normal butter cream in piping bags with a star tip and basically iced circles onto the crumb coating to make it look like a bunch of roses. I do feel that they could have looked better, but in the end, the kids loved it, and that is what is most important.

The whole icing technique including the crumb coating took not more than an hour. It’s the easiest method I’ve ever used, and therefore, highly recommended!