I made this Barbie Princess Cake for my daughter Kyrah’s 4th birthday party and I was very happy with how it turned out. You will need to bake three cakes using a round cake tin ( I made three different flavoured cakes to make my cake more fun for everyone) and you will also need to bake one cake using a Pyrex oven proof glass bowl (this will require two cake mixes if using packet cakes). Please make sure you cook the cake in the Pyrex bowl for long enough as if you don’t it will fall apart when you remove from bowl ( l know this from experience and its so frustrating when you have to start all over again).

Once all cakes are baked and cooled you can start to assemble and decorate you cake. using a knife or a small round cookie cutter if you have one cut a small circle out of all four cakes (discard these pieces). Cut the dome that forms while your cakes are baking off all four cakes. Now invert two of the round cakes onto each other using butter icing to stick them together. Then place more butter icing on top of these two cakes and put the third cake on top dome side up (which you previously would have removed) put more butter icing on top again then place the Pyrex bowl cake upside down on top of the other three cakes. This will now form you skirt for your princess.

The next step you will need to do is cover your cake with butter cream icing. I tinted my icing pink as that is my little girls favorite colour. You will need quite a large amount of icing to finish this cake. Make sure you are generous with the icing around the center hole. Once you have finished the icing place your barbie into the center of the cake (wrap her from the waist down in cling wrap). Now with another colour of butter cream icing (I used an aqua colour) using a piping bag with a small star tip pipe stars around the bottom of the skirt and the waist line of the skirt. Then I used store purchased flowers (pink and white edible flowers) and edible hearts to decorate skirt as well as s few piped stars the same colour as the piped stars around the top and bottom of the cake.

And now you are done.