I made this Barbie skirt bridal shower cake for my brother’s fiancés’ shower. I used a roasting pan for the bottom and baked two cake mixes, one chocolate and one yellow. Mix each separately. Don’t forget to grease your pan.

I poured the yellow mix in first. Then I took the chocolate and made little circles on top of the yellow. Take a knife and swirl together. This creates a marble effect. I baked the cake using the boxes directions for temperature but you will have to leave it in longer for time.

For the dress I used two pound cake mixes and prepared them to bake. This makes a firmer cake for the dress. I used a Wilton Barbie pan for the dress. This can be purchased at Michael’s. Once the cakes are baked and cooled I put them together. I put the dress on the side of the sheet cake so I could write something.

I borrowed a Barbie from my daughter and wrapped her legs in saran wrap. Leave the Barbie naked. You will be frosting her. Then put her in the middle of the dress. They also sell dolls with a pick for legs if you prefer to do that. I used pre-made frosting. I frosted the bottom light purple because that is a color from the wedding and them I got creative and used a star tip to decorate the Barbie.

I think this cake turned out great and my soon to be sister has tried my other Barbie shower cakes and was happy I personalized one just for her.