This Beach Birthday Cake is a 12 x 18 double layer sheet cake. I used decorator icing for the inside, sides and water. I iced it all with the blue and then mixed some white in and gently tapped where I wanted to water to be. That gave it the white cap look.

The sand is brown sugar sprinkled over the icing. I made the palm tree, mermaid, and creatures from gum paste. The palm tree is made around a hollow plastic support. I just cut little diamonds of the gum paste and wrapped them around until it was tall enough. Start at the top. I filled the top of the support with gum paste also. Just enough to hold the wire for the palm leaves. I cut them out and then placed a small, strong wire underneath them to hold their shape.

I let the gum paste sit for a couple of days to really harden up and keep it’s shape. It is really hard at first, but after you start working with it, it will soften up. You will use the same thing to color the gumpaste as you use for your icing. You pick the colors. To get the color uniform throughout you have to keep kneading it.