I made this Bear Birthday Cake for my son’s second birthday. I overfilled a round pan with devil’s food cake batter. Then I baked it for about 35-40 min at 250 degrees to make sure it was cooked through out. I removed the cake and let it cool.

Once cooled, I carefully sliced the top to be even with the top of the baking pan. After carefully removing the top of the cake, placing it on a large flat pan, I scooped out some of the middle of the cake with a serving ladle. This created a 1/2 sphere of cake which I sliced in half to use as ears. I filled the pit with melted bakers chocolate for a tasty surprise!

Next I replaced the top and placed the ears. For the icing, I simply used a buttercream icing adding chocolate pudding powder mix for taste and color. I frosted the ears and nose area first before adding chocolate syrup to achieve a deeper color for the fur. I used the icing to “glue” the ears in place. I then made the whites of the eyes and the orange nose. This allowed me to fill in the fur around them. I dipped my finger in a simple water & cornstarch mixture then smoothed out the eyes, ears an nose.

For the fur I used a Wilton, multi-opening 233 tip. I used disposable bags, and was not pleased with how they held up. I had to change the bag 4 times because it kept busting at the seem. Next time I will probably get a canvas bag. Once the fur was complete, I added layers on top of the cheeks and tips of the ears to give it some depth and texture. The effect was great in person!

Last I did the blacks of the eyes and mouth. This cake was fun and tasty! I had a great time making it and found it pretty easy to achieve an impressive look for my first homemade cake!