This is my second sugar beer bottle cake. It was made for a coworker’s husband for his birthday. He and his friends visit a restaurant that serves blue buckets of beer on their deck during the summer.

I made the bottle mold from a beer bottle using Amazing Mold Putty. The beer bottles and ice on the cake are made from sugar and corn syrup. (tip – make them a couple days in advance and store in air-tight containers)

The bucket handle, bottle opener, cap, and note are fondant and gum paste. I made the handle, cap, and bottle opener almost a week in advance to make sure that they dried completely. I brushed them with silver luster dust for a metallic effect. The wood grain look on the handle was made by adding brown food coloring to the fondant but not mixing it in completely.

The bottle neck labels are printed on edible rice paper. The caps on the sugar beer bottles were painted with silver luster dust and vodka. Vodka dries quickly and doesn’t add a lot of moister to the sugar bottles.

The cake is 3 layers of 8″ round cakes carved to taper at the bottom. The cake board was painted with brown food coloring to make a wood grain pattern, then covered with Contact paper.