I made this Ben 10 Birthday cake for my nephew who is a Ben 10 Fan. I started with a piece of paper the size of my pan ( a Wilton sheet cake) and I drew my Ben 10 character. I then baked my cake using three cake mixes to make a thicker cake. I let the cake cool and transferred the cake on to my cake board covered in foil. I then laid my cut out drawing on the cake and cut the shape out. I allowed the kids to snack on the excess pieces while I iced the cake.

I used chocolate icing for his hair and then used white buttercream for the remaining portions. I cut out of my drawing his face and then just iced the hair around the paper. Then I peeled away the paper and frosted the face. I used black decorator icing bought at the store to detail (the shirt stripes, and the face detail). I used a toothpick to draw his eyes and face detail and then followed up with the black icing. That way if I did not like my first attempt I could simply smooth it away and try again. His green eyes was a mix of green gel icing, a dab of chocolate icing and some white. I used the gel icing for the whites of his eyes.

It really turned out well. At the birthday party I had three people hire me for their kids cakes!