My son is a mad Ben 10 fan so this theme was a no brainer. To be honest I looked everywhere for cake ideas for a Ben 10 Birthday Cake, including this website and anything that included faces to be drawn terrified me so I found a picture of the Omnitrix and went with that.

I did the cake in 2 tiers which were decorated separately so I could offer 2 choices of cake – chocolate and banana, and just stacked them at the last minute. The top cake was sitting on a board of the same size and I sawed down to the correct height 3 dowels and put them in the bottom cake to make sure the top cake didn’t sink into the bottom cake because they are quite heavy. Both cakes were crumb coated and covered in store-bought fondant which I had earlier coloured.

Here’s a great tip – it’s so hard to colour white fondant black because you have to add so much colour that it changes the texture too much so I bought chocolate fondant which is dark brown and didn’t have to add nearly as much black colouring! Because this was being covered in fondant I did a little bit each night for 3 nights and finished it a day ahead so I could concentrate on other party things. I placed some leftover black fondant on the board to make it look like the watch arm and the wording was just done by rolling out a large piece of fondant, placing it on the board then pressing the cutters through then peeling the piece back to reveal the words. Worked really well.

The little buttons around the edge were done by rolling the green fondant into a sausage shape, rolling grey fondant til very thing then wrapping around the outside and carefully slicing. One more tip. By the time the cake is finished it weighs quite a lot so I got an old flat wooden coat hanger, cut it into 4 with a hack saw and glued the bits underneath the board half way to the corners to raise it a bit. Made it so much easier to lift! All in all this took a few hours work over several days but my son loved it and covering it with fondant meant I could finish early and spend much more time on party food and decorations.