This Ben 10 cake was a request from my son. He’s 8. I am very much a rookie at this stuff though. So it is a chocolate fudge cake made from a box mix. I add almost 8 oz to the cake plus a small amount of corn syrup to make it extra moist and it’s really yum.

I also brush on boiled water and sugar for even more moistness. It’s an alternative for the already made dry cake. { 2 6in” round for top 2 10″ round for bottom }feeds a lot, I mean a lot.

Filling – instant chocolate pudding, a container of cool whip and some chocolate frosting all mixed up and it’s thick but light {don’t add the milk required in the pudding though}.

Frosting – Usually for chocolate I buy Betty Crocker or something only because this cake was handmade marshmallow fondant witch was fun and a first . So it was covered .

Now I had to dye the fondant while it was still hot, a mix of yellow and green for the lime Ben 10 color.

I made accents, dyed them later. I usually draw all my cake plans on paper first to get an idea. Now for the decorations, just bought a Ben 10 guy, and used a 32 tip for the border {again a can of frosting I think vanilla). I made a fbct { frozen transfer for the Ben 10 words, you can google that to find out how to do that. I recommend always use canned for that because it peels off easier. My homemade buttercream smeared badly on one cake.

It was a huge hit. I had another boy at the party request the same for his birthday .