I have always liked to play around in the kitchen with cakes. For Mother’s day my two oldest children, Joshua and Melissa-Ann decided that they would get me a decorating kit. I don’t think they realized what they started.

I made some decorative cupcakes and brought them up to my daughter’s job and all the women there couldn’t get over them. A few weeks later a friend of hers called and placed an order for those cupcakes and asked if I could make a bridal doll cake.

Not knowing where to begin, I decided to look on line and get some ideas. I didn’t have a cake recipe for yellow cake so I made up a cake using Duncan Hines and a pound cake combined so that the cake would be easier to mold.

I stacked a 9″,8″,6″ and a jumbo cupcake, then I placed a a doll pick on top and started to carve the shape of the dress with a serrated knife. I put a crumb coat of white buttercream frosting and let it set in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

I added a second coat of buttercream and then placed trelles around it to give it a lace affect. I purchased some small flowers at the local craft store and made the flowers for the bride doll. That was it my idea of a bridal doll cake.

I was told that at the bridal shower the bride was taking pictures with the cake telling everyone that it was her and that the dress that I made was identical to her dress.