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Coolest Bridal Shower Cake Design 30

by Alberta
(Amherst Ohio)

Homemade Bridal Shower Cake Design

Homemade Bridal Shower Cake Design

Making this Bridal Shower Cake Design was cool. It required that I learn to make "The Rose"...a very intimidating task for all of us who have never taken a professional course or class. So, I purchased the Wilton Flower nail combo size pack, and practiced. Note: I did this once everyone went to bed for the night and there were no distractions. Wilton Year book from 1972 open to instructions and radio playing soothing music I found success.

It took a few (7) oops roses, but once my hands steadied, and my other hand learned to spin the flower nail, it was smooth sailing from there. I used Wilton recipe for buttercream frosting to form my roses both for practice and the cake. The cake is a homemade. Here is a hint for very dense moist cakes - Buttermilk! Real butter is used for making frosting along with Crisco. The gel coloring also gives the most accurate true to color tints.

This cake was a success only because I took a chance and learned a new skill. I hope you all are encouraged to take up a challenge, it will give you the same sense of accomplishment! This cake is made of three layers; 8" heart shape, 12" heart shape, and 16" heart shape. Frosting this cake was made easier with a rotating cake plate. I frosted each cake with a fresh batch of frosting starting with the largest. The leftover frosting of the 8" is what I used to pipe the border shells. This cake looked good before adding the flowers, and will keep it in mind for the future. The leaves were challenging to me but in the end I was happy with the responses received!

This was a very heavy cake and required a heavy board. Cake designing is fun!

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very beutiful!
by: stephanie rodriguez

This cake looks amazing, it takes a lot of talent for some body who isn't a professional baker to make something this beautiful! I would purchase this cake for my wedding if I had saw it in a book for wedding cakes!

by: Jennifer

This cake is very beautiful. The roses are in the perfect place and not overwhelming. Great job Alberta!

by: mandie nelson

Berta...I am so excited to see how beautiful the final outcome is! Good for you for looks great! :)

That is the most beautiful Cake!
by: Theresa

I like eating cake and looking at this cake it the most beautiful cake I ever saw.I love hearts and as soon as I can I would love to order one that is as pretty as this one! keep up the great work Alberta!

So Pleased!
by: Hostess for the Bridal Shower ( Deanna)

I am so pleased with the results of asking Alberta to make my sisters Bridal shower cake. I wanted her shower to be a very special day and the beautiful cake was the perfect final touch. I definitely know who to ask for my next cake. +-)

Alberta's Triumph
by: Deborah Jordan

When I first saw this cake it was beautiful to me. And I know it was as tasty as other confections of yours that I had the pleasure of eating. This is a job well done. Your talent goes beyond formal training (which in itself is good) it is God given! You rock!
by: Mary Anne

It's a very nice cake. The rose are perfectly made.
Even though your not a professional your made a perfect design of the cake.

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