This was my Bridal Shower cake made for a special bride.

The cake was made with two round cake pans. A layer of buttercream frosting was spread before stacking the two cakes. I then frosted the entire cake. I rolled out a large circle of white marshmallow fondant and draped it over the top of cake, leaving it to flow out and away from the cake’s edge. I then smoothed the top to get rid of air pockets.

I then rolled out fondant, colored to match the bride’s color scheme for her wedding. I cut out square shapes, 1.5″ sq, for napkins. If you can, find out the bride’s actual napkin fold selection for the wedding reception.

This fold was made by folding the square into a triangle. With the open point of the triangle at the top, I folded each corner to slightly past the center mark of the bottom edge. I flipped the front half of the top point downwards. I then set the napkins aside to harden.

I cut out round dinner plates and round side plates. The rolls were rolled fondant and the tiny butter florets were buttercream. For the centerpiece, if you can find out the flowers the bride selected, that would be perfect; otherwise, make your own creation out of fondant.

The wine glasses were tricky; they were made from the marshmallow fondant but tiny plastic glasses would do. My entire cake was edible!