My best friend Heather asked me to make her daughter Kaylynn a birthday cake to remember. She knew that I usually always make the birthday cakes for a few of my other friends’ children and I always, always make my son’s cakes. I never buy one that is pre-made from the store. It is more memorable and special when you make one that comes from the heart.

So, it is her 10th birthday and Heather really wanted to make it super special. They had just lost her Daddy two weeks previous to a terrible brain cancer and she really just wanted her to have a day that was all about her. The chosen theme was going to be tye-dye and Kaylynn just loves butterflies. So that is where I went with it and made a butterfly birthday cake.

And I really thought it was going to be a lot harder than it actually was to make this cake. I came across a silicon butterfly cake mold to use. I love these because the cakes always pop out with out a problem what’s so ever. Plus they gives you some added detail to work with. I went with a simple butter recipe yellow (scratch recipe) cake and various neon and bright colors to go with the tye-dye party theme  (tip: try to always use the gel coloring when tinting your frosting. Not the liquid ones like food coloring. Otherwise they will make your icing thinner and harder to work with. Especially in warmer weather.)

The hardest part was doing the color blending on top of the cake. I used piping and then blended the colors together a bit with a few tools. You can use whatever you have handy, if needed, like a tooth pick or utensil from your drawer. Not necessary to buy special tools to blend colors.
Needless to say, this cake was a massive hit at her party! Everyone absolutely loved it and we got compliments throughout the entire party and are still getting comments on how awesome it was. I even received a few requests to do more cakes for others that attended the party. And, most importantly, Kaylynn was ecstatic! She even told her mom that this was “the best birthday ever!” Which made her mom get a bit teary eyed, but in a good way, for the first time in months. I am so happy that I got to be a part of their festivities and helped them both to have such a lovely day.