I made a Buzz and Woody Toy Story Cake for my nephew Noah’s 4th birthday party. His cake was his favorite flavor, CHOCOLATE! I used Betty Crocker Super Moist cake mixes and baked according to the package. This cake was a 9×13.

I make my buttercream icing recipe which is 2 cups shortening, 2lbs powered sugar, 1 TBSP Wilton Powdered Egg Whites, 1TSP Clear Vanilla Extract, 1 TSP Butter Extract, 1/4TSP Almond Extract, 1/4TSP Coconut Extract and enough water to get it to the consistency I want.

The first thing I did was make a buttercream transfer of Woody and Buzz. I did that by taping a coloring page onto a baking sheet and covering it with plastic wrap that I pull tight. Then I trace all the lines on the page with black icing and then fill in all the other areas and details with colored icing that I have thinned. You can thin icing by adding more water or you could use corn syrup.

I like using the water. I then put that in the freezer and froze it until it’s firm, about 20 mins. Then I spread a thick layer of my black round colored icing over the picture and put it back in the freezer until firm. Then I started off the cake by icing it with a thin layer called a “crumb coat”. Once that is dry I use my icing tip (a big tip that allows you to pipe either a smooth side or a lined side) to pipe the sides of the cake with the lined side. Then I top the top of the cake with icing and smooth it out with parchment paper when it has dried.

Then I am ready for my transfer and I just place it on the cake and peel off the plastic wrap. I piped a border around the transfer with a Big Star Tip and also around the top and bottom of the cake. I added “Happy Birthday Noah” and it was done!