I got the idea for this cake from this website. I made the cake for my nephew’s 3rd birthday. He loves Buzz Lightyear and he had a special request for me to put lots of candy on the cake. The party was for 50 people so I had to make it quite large. The first layer is 14″ X 16″ and it is homemade carrot cake (double recipe) which the adults at the party appreciated. Then I made a circle cake out of chocolate cake mix and a vanilla cake baked in a pyrex bowl for the final layer. This was done by someone else on this website. I used black food colouring to make black icing for the spaceship and blue to outline around the edges. I then used lots of candy to decorate, normally I would use icing but because my nephew requested it I used candy and turned out well and was easy to do. I ordered a stencil for the front part of the cake from a link attached to this website and you just peal it off and place it on your icing and it turns into a kind of gummy icing with the picture on it.